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Which BTS music video is the best?

BTS needs no introduction. Their personas and their music speak for them. Being the world’s biggest boy band right now and now on their way to conquering the music industry with their solo albums (with J-Hope already bearing the torch first with ruling the charts with his solo album “Jack in the Box“) they still remain at the top as a group. Despite their humble beginnings, BTS has never failed to surprise us with their music and especially their meaningful music videos.

bts on mv sketch

From storylines filled with biblical and literary references to colorful visuals, from their beautiful crooning to fierce yet graceful dance moves, BTS does it all. But when asked which music video is their best, it is quite the dilemma. Their wide discography contains masterpieces that we cannot even compare, as they all are perfect in their own way. But the music video that is still fresh in ARMY’s minds and hearts is the title song from their album “Map of The Soul:7“, “ON”.

The song has two videos, one being a dance choreography video and the other with a storyline. While the dance video was the seven members grooving to the beats of the song, performing the routine which is deemed to be one of the most difficult BTS choreographies in monochrome outfits, with a talented crew of dancers. Seriously, that dance break? That has a place in our memories FOREVER.

The original mv with the storyline is FILLED with references. From biblical to cinematic, they referred to everything in such a beautiful but subtle manner that only people paying very close attention would understand them. And knowing ARMY, they probably had a diary ready to understand all the references.

The video contained references to a dystopian world,

BTS version of “Maze Runner”

“Game of Thrones”

“The Lion King”

Noah of Ark

“Bird Box”

and even the legend of “Prometheus” in their final dance break sequence.

The music, which was slow yet steady, turned into a full chest-thumping number in the dance bridge and the ARMYs loved it, which is an understatement.

The part that made every ARMY tear up was the last part of the video, where BTS ‘ debut song’s title, “No More Dream” turned into “Dream”, encouraging and motivating their fans to fulfill their dreams. BTS, ARMY’s biggest cheerleaders 🤧

Hence, from their visuals, costumes, dance choreography, the supporting cast, the references and the way they built the storyline is pure genius.
At the same time, the dance version, which was released before the original MV had garnered such love from the fans that it became one of BTS cult classic choreographies. That dance, choreographed by the young and talented Sienna Lalau, who was also the dancer on which the opening sequence camera panned in the dance version of “ON”. Not to mention, this was the song through which BTS made another history, performing at the Grand Central, New York!

Though other tracks and music videos of the album are beautiful as well, especially “Black Swan”, “ON” still is ARMYs first favourite. You can watch the spectacular videos right here!

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