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What Is a Polymath? Jungkook Called “Young Genuis Polymath” By Rolling Stone

Rolling Stones recently named Jungkook as “The Young Genius Polymath” in its article about best 100 songs by BTS. They traced the consistent success of “Dynamite,” which was ranked 46th in the list, and mentioned how Jungkook plays an important part in showing how talented idols are.

Jungkook is the polymath of kpop
Jungkook is the polymath of kpop

It was also mentioned in the article that David Stewart, the London-based Co-producer and co-writer of hit track Dynamite, refused the call the song Korean Melody, stating that it is:

“English-language debut song accumulated their 10 year American fever dream”.

Rolling Stone further said:

Young-genius polymath Jung Kook slid into our DMs with a bubble-pop chirp, tossing stateside (Lebron, King King) to RM, J-Hope, and Jimin, who coolly parlay them as synths swell above a Moog bass and a frisky, disco-clapping chorus”.

As expected, ARMY was into a happy frenzy after seeing the American Magazine’s review and took to Twitter, expressing their happiness.

What is a Polymath?

A Polymath is someone who had a lot of knowledge about extensive topics. They are different from generalists, who know little about a number of topics. Typically, learned person during the Renaissance was termed as a polymath.

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The term originates from the Greek term Poly, which means “many,” and Manthanein, which means “to learn.”

Polymaths don’t just have knowledge about a variety of topics: they are also very skilful people. For example, Jungkook is an ace in not only singing, dancing, rapping and visuals. He is a great athlete as well, being a taekwondo and boxing player.

Being a Polymath is something that is genetic. Unfortunately, not all people can become polymaths. They may not have the time to hone their skills, or lack the intellectual capabilities. Such people are called generalists.

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