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What is Jentle Garden? Jisoo and Jennie make the internet laugh out loud

Jisoo, one of four members of K-pop group Blackpink, recently made the internet laugh its heart out after an embarrassing attempt to open a gift from bandmate Jennie. 

Jisoo could be seen tugging at the gift box in an attempt to open the goodies from ‘Jentle Garden’, a new collection from a collaborative effort between Blackpink member Jennie and Korean brand Gentle Monster.

Jentle garden

Unfortunately for Jisoo, and fortunately for us, things did not go according to plan, keeping the Snowdrop actress‘ goofy reputation intact while giving her fans a hearty laugh!

Jisoo was not successful at all in getting to the gifts inside. While she had to open the box from the top, she was attempting to do so from the side. Finally, she had to reach out to Jennie and ask for help!

In a hilarious turn of events, it turned out that there was a simple way of opening the box. And Jisoo would have known how to open it had she checked out Jennie’s Instagram post in which she had shown exactly how to unwrap her gift.

Jisoo’s crude attempts at unwrapping the gift had K-pop fans in splits as they laughed to their hearts desire seeing the beloved idol struggle with the simple task.

The whole episode made for a very adorable and light moment that surely all fans enjoyed. 

What made it funnier was nobody else seemed to struggle with opening the gift.

Apart from Jisoo, Jennie also sent similar gift boxes to others like actress Im Soo-Hyang, who opened hers quite easily. 

Apart from Jisoo and Im Soo-Hyang, BlackPink’s Jennie also sent the gifts to Winner members Seungyoon, Jinwoo, Mino and also WOODZ.  

Im Soo-Hyang looked very fetching with the sunglasses on. But then again, when doesn’t she?

What is Jentle Garden?

Blackpink’s Jennie and popular Korean sunglasses brand Gentle Monster have collaborated to release a new collection called Jentle Garden.

Jennie has been getting fans excited for the collection to launch since December of last year. 

This is not the first time that Gentle Monster and Jennie have collaborated either. Their previous collaborative collection was labeled ‘Jentle Home’ that tried to emulate the K-pop idol’s childhood memories.

Jennie herself took to Instagram to show off the PR package that Gentle Monster sent her.

All in all, the incident gave everyone something to snigger over but one thing is for sure, if you’re going to send Jisoo a gift, send it with some instructions on how to open it.

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