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What Is BIGBANG? Twitter Explodes With Memes and Wishes as K-Pop Band Set to Return

BIGBANG is an iconic Korean boy band that played a major part in popularising K-pop across the globe. Currently, the band constitutes four members, namely T.O.P, Taeyang, G-Dragon and Daesung, with T.O.P set to leave the group.

Good news and bad news for VIPs

After four long years of VIPs yearning for a new song from BIGBANG, the K-Pop group has finally announced its return with a bang!

An official statement from YG Entertainment has confirmed that the band will release a new song in Spring. The new song has already been recorded and the iconic band is now left to just shoot the music video for the same. 

“We have finished recording the new song, and we are currently preparing to shoot a music video.”

YG Entertainment

While this news will send many fans into a frenzy, YG Entertainment had some sad news to go along with this announcement. T.O.P will be leaving the agency having been part of the band for 16 years.

T.O.P now plans on pursuing individual projects and challenges but will continue to be part of BIGBANG’s ventures should the conditions be right according to the agency

“T.O.P will end his contract with YG and take on various challenges as an artist and entrepreneur. We respect TOP’s opinion that he wants to expand his personal activities as well as BIGBANG, and we have discussed it well with the members.”

Twitter goes crazy for BIGBANG comeback

But sadness aside, the fact that a new song is almost ready to go has sent Twitter into a meltdown with fans swarming on the platform to share funny memes, their fond and cherished memories of BIGBANG and their love for the group.   

Even Super Junior fans, popularly known as ELFs (Ever Lasting Friends), have reason to celebrate too along with VIPs with their favourite group making a comeback too!

As the following tweet rightly points out, the wait for BIGBANG to make a comeback has seemed like an eternity to VIPs. But that has made the comeback news all the more sweeter!

One VIP urged other fan groups to let VIPs have their fun and celebrate as they should.

And of course, BIGBANG being one of the pioneer groups from K-pop, the following tweet rightly suggests everyone from the industry took notice of the comeback announcement.

All in all, it is safe to say BIGBANG has made tremors again with this news. The fans will now be waiting patiently for the group to shoot the music video and given the group’s track record, we can safely assume something exciting is coming our way!

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