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What Is Aadhar Card?

Aadhar is a 12-digit unique identification number given to anyone who can prove that they are a citizen of India. Aadhar Card numbers have a unique purpose and are set on the basis of where the citizen lives and their biometric information, such as their age.


The concept of Aadhar was launched in 2010 by Mr. Nandan Nilekani, the chairman of UIDAI, or The Unique Identification Authority of India. The Aadhar Card was formally introduced in India by the ex-Prime Minister of the country, Dr. Manmohan Singh.


Aadhar means ‘foundation’ or ‘base’, which signifies what having the card means- the Aadhar Card is a basis of citizenship in India. Further, as the world’s largest biometric system, the Aadhar Card is considered as a proof of residence. However, to validate your proof of citizenship, you have to have a Voter Identity Card or an Indian Passport as well.

Apart from a physical copy of the government issued identity card, you can also avail an e-Aadhar card, which contains all the information and is password protected and digitally signed by the required authority of UIDAI.



What are the uses and benefits of Aadhar Card? Why do you need one?

The Aadhar, surprisingly, was not created with a particular purpose, like the ration card. It is, instead, an all-in-one holistic card which allows the holder to access specific services, and makes them eligible for certain programs.

  1. The holder of the Aadhar card can easily use the identity proof for KYC, thereby decreasing the time it would take to cross-check their details via other methods.
  2. Similarly, Aadhar is linked to services for subsidies, such as with your LPG connection.
  3. If you wish to apply for a passport, you can do so using the card as proof of residence and identity. It expedites the process of getting a new passport, and you can get one in just 10 days!
  4. You can verify your tax returns with the help of your Aadhar, by logging in to the e-filing website of the income tax department and linking your PAN Card to your Aadhar.
  5. As it also works as your identity proof, you can use it to open a new bank account in a jiffy. The card removes the hassle of collecting separate documents, and works as a one stop shop for your bank verification needs.
  6. Senior citizens can use the Aadhar for a multitude of reasons too. You can simply upload your Aadhar number when registering for your pension, and it eliminates the need for extra documentation. Likewise, your card will help you avail special pension services such as the Provident Fund and the Digital Life Certificate.

What information does your Aadhar have?

The issued card contains all the important information about an individual and their history. It has their date of birth, place of residence, mobile number, and photo for identification purposes. Further, it also has one’s complete biometric information, including your fingerprints and a scan of your retina.

The purpose of the Aadhar is to have an individual’s complete, holistic information in one place.

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