NMIXX is an up and coming band that debuted earlier this year in February. And as with any all-female band, Blackpink is a good idol to have for the new K-pop group.

After a well-received debut with 'Ad Mare', NMIXX has once again made heads turn by covering a hit Blackpink song 'Kill this love'.

NMIXX's cover is very different to the original which it what makes it all the more intriguing to listen to and compare.

Blackpink gives off a badass vibe from the way the members sing the song and also with their music video.

NMIXX, on the other hand, goes for a more subtle and relaxed energy and vibe but still do exhibit a wonderful vocal range.

You can check out the full versions of both songs in the links below and decide fro yourself whether you like the original or cover better or both just as we do!