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TXT’s Yeonjun Pays Tribute to BTS and Jungkook in His Own Unique Manner

The hyung of TXT, Yeonjun recently went live on a personal dance jam and MOAs had the pleasure of seeing their favorite dancer jamming and dancing to their seonbae, Jungkook’s song and has both ARMY and MOA in a frenzy.

Image Courtesy: Yeonjun’s Official Instagram account (@yawnzzn)

Choi Yeonjun, or better known by his stage name Yeonjun, is famous for for being an all-rounder; talented in singing, dancing and rapping, the cherry on the cake being his stunning visuals and duality.

Being the hyung, or the oldest of the five-member group, he is often looked up to by his dongsaengs (younger members) for the same.

TXT Yeonjun tips his hat to Jungkook

Recently, when Yeonjun did a dance livestream on VLIVE, dancing to various songs and leisurely freestyling and paid a tribute to Jungkook.

The highlight of the livestream though, was when he danced to Jungkook from BTS’ iconic soul single, “Still With You“.

Clad in all black trackpants, t-shirt and cap, Yeonjun became the perfect modern representation of a black swan, giving a vision of BTS’ hit song “Black Swan“.

Yeonjun stans had not even recovered from this graceful vision of the “Black Swan Yeonjun” when they got the perfect good news to celebrate.

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Yeonjun has been recently selected as one of the three MCs of SBS Inkigayo along with Roh Being Sui and Seo Beom Jun, carrying forward the legacy further after the group’s leader, Soobin. And since then, MOAs have been throwing a double celebration.

We wish the best to our future MC and look forward to seeing him being his charming self, hosting the forthcoming events. Fighting, Yeonjunnie!

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