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Top 6 hottest Jisoo photo shoots that will make you wanna move to Antarctica

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo has proven time and again that she is not only a talented individual but also blessed with a beauty that can only be described as ethereal. With perfectly shaped features and eyes that could slay anyone’s heart, she is rightfully the girl group’s visual. Along with being an idol, she is also a wonderful model who could grace any magazine cover and one wouldn’t be able to take their eyes off her.

Hence, we have the top 5 photo shoots of Jisoo that are as hot as the ghost pepper chip………….maybe even hotter.

6. When she turned into a celestial being for W Korea 2021.

It was not the first time the idol had graced the cover of W Korea magazine, but it was certainly one of the most iconic ones. Dressed in dark tones and slightly permed hair, she looked like a dark angel wandering the earth, an angel who looked soft but held the power to destroy the world if she wanted to. Well, she certainly did destroy our sanity with those photos, and OH THOSE EYES 😩

5. The Chic Jisoo from Harper’s Bazaar 2020.

In the November issue of the popular magazine, in collaboration with Dior, Jisoo turned into your next-door cutie. The cover was adorned by the pig-tailed Jisoo in a beautiful black outfit. In one picture, she wears a jumpsuit-like outfit and in another; she adds a see-through colorfully black skirt which suits her so well as if it was made for her. The whole look made us believe that no one could pull it off better than the idol herself.

4. The Modern-Day Nymph in Dazed 2020

Clad in a monochrome bandanna and a white formal shirt and black tie with long, burgundy hair; Jisoo looked like the perfect fairy from the modern myths. Maybe she would be a security nymph protecting nature? At least this way the tree-cutters would stop chopping trees down. They would be too busy marveling at her beauty. This issue was again a collaboration with Dior, where the Snowdrop actress posed for Dazed Magazine’s 155th edition. She showed off the luxury clothing label’s fall/winter collection. Jisoo gave her own insight into the photos,

“I hope that my natural side is captured through this pictorial… I may seem like a calm and quiet person on the outside, but I am a singer who demonstrates charisma on stage.”

Isn’t she just so…..perfect? *swoons*

3. The savage Girl-Boss in ELLE 2021

In these photos clicked for ELLE Thailand’s June issue, Jisoo looked like the perfect female boss who was equal parts dangerous, beautiful, and sophisticated. She looked like the perfect version of a classy CEO of a multi-billion company. The readers, especially BLINKs have this issue ingrained in their memory, some even using these photos to visualize Jisoo as a hard-core, pretty, and successful businesswoman in their Wattpad Fan-Fictions. Well, those would be interesting stories to read👀

2. The brown-adorned Jisoo for ELLE 2019

The December issue of the ELLE magazine in 2019 had collaborated with Burberry and had chosen Jisoo to grace their cover. This edition let us sneak a peek into the life of the globally loved idol. Talking to Naver about the photos, she expressed that her faith in herself was what kept her going.

“Even when I was going through difficult times, I never really thought about relying on others. If possible, I always tried to worry about my problems on my own and solve them myself.”

She also advised her fans, saying,

“Rather than chasing after someone else, I hope that they will confidently walk their own paths while looking towards the tomorrow of their dreams.”

And this statement etched itself permanently into the fans’ hearts, along with these pictures.

1. The red-lipped goddess in Marie Claire 2022

In another collaboration with Dior, Jisoo recently made headlines with her photo shoot with Marie Claire. Ranging from face close-ups to full body shots, the readers and BLINKs were blessed with yet another magnificent array of pictures of the BLACKPINK idol. Showing off both her bold and elegant sides, the magazine captured the beautiful charms of Jisoo, presenting us with page-sized proof that she is indeed real. But it is debatable because she certainly looks otherworldly. Maybe she is from Venus? Or she is the Venus goddess herself?

What are your thoughts?

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