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Another exceptional compilation of the top 6 BTS routines to make you a pro ARMY dancer

Since we made the last article about BTS dances, it felt as if we missed out on so many more routines that deserved to be shown to the world and especially, the new ARMYs. We felt as if another list of the most wonderful is in order, or else the sheer perfection of BTS’ dancing talent won’t be justified.

Thus, we present to you part two of the most iconic BTS dances to ever exist:

6. Airplane pt.2

A song that people still groove to, “Airplane Pt.2” is one of those dances whose award show performance went more viral than the original music video. From preppy music to a magnetic vibe that could anyone to the dance floor, this song’s choreography is versatile yet easygoing. The steps are sleek, yet sophisticated which makes it perfect for you to learn when you are in the mood to have a fun time dancing.

5. Blood, Sweat, and Tears

This song and its choreography have their own different section of the fandom altogether. From its sensual vibe, the song became an instant favorite, but what kept the favoritism is its impeccable dance routine. Covered countless times not only on YouTube but also on other social media platforms, even now and also called one of the most difficult routines from all the BTS dances, just proves how superior the routine must be.

4. Not Today

One of the most sung rebel anthems of k-pop, this song has a beat and choreography that would even make a non-dancer and a non-k pop stan dance. From its sleek rap to the last stomping dance break, it has everything which could make dance an instrument to express yourself. The routine may seem a bit difficult, but once you get its gist, it is nothing but pure adrenaline. And well, who doesn’t want a dose of adrenaline rush?

3. Fake Love

Probably one of the dark and beautiful comebacks ever, “Fake Love” presented us with a choreography to swoon for. The music expressed the emotion of heartbreak, and the choreography perfectly complemented the sentiment. Fierce, melancholic and precise, the routine went viral for not only it’s smart placement and illusions created, it also serves us a beautiful fusion contemporary and k-pop. Hands down, one of the best song to get all your angst out through dance.

2. DNA

Right from the whistling beginning to the last part, “DNA” is a track that brought so much recognition and appreciation for BTS that it still stays fresh in the mind of every ARMY. Thus, not only the song itself, but the choreography was a masterpiece in itself. Fused with easy-going and cute steps to hard-hitting and complicated steps and formations, the song had it all. Hence, this song is a gem from the choreography standpoint. Something that budding dancers shouldn’t miss.

1. Mic Drop (Steve Aoki Remix)

A remix/collaboration which blew the mind of the ARMY fandom, Steve Aoki’s version of Mic Drop has a different identity altogether. If the original version of the song was the calm before the storm due to its slow yet simmering beat and melody, Steve Aoki’s remix IS the storm itself. The song, right from the beginning, picks up the beat and maintains it till the end. The choreography does the same, but the energy the choreography has is like a shot of 1000 watts of high-power electricity through your veins. The choreography is justified perfectly by the cinematography but the music video didn’t have a powerful dance break. The wish of the ARMYs to witness the magic of the dance break finally came true when the tuxedo-clad BTS performed the song at the MAMA Awards held in Hong Kong. The dance break was like a dream come true for ARMYs, and suffice it to say, that if you want to become an ARMY dancer, this routine is like the initiation ceremony for you. Once you crack it, you are in the big leagues.

bts dance routines

The reason we brought this second list for BTS dances is because of their varied discography. Through the course of their 9 years, their albums always have an iconic routine and thus, this consistency is the result of their versatile discography and choreography in them. And if you want us to make a part three for the best BTS dances, let us know in the comments below!

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