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Top 10 Korean Webtoons which NEED to be adapted into live-action work and an anime but deserve to be on your reading lists.

With the rise of Webtoon adaptations in the drama form, here are 10 Webtoons that have not been adapted yet but need to be, ASAP. There are many webtoons that have been adapted into live-action or even anime, but there are so many hidden gems that completely skip out notice. Thus, we have compiled a list of such webtoon masterpieces which rightfully deserve to be read and adored.

10. Painter Of the Night

By the talented author Byeonduck, “Painter of the Night” is a BL( boy love) romance set in the Joseon Era of Korea and follows the story of an artist named Na-Kyum, who despite his wonderful skills is forced to paint under a pseudonym. Just when he decides to give up painting, a vicious, tyrannical royal named Seungho, forces him to become his private painter. Seungho is notorious for his taste in sexual partners and amidst furtive glances, heated gazes, and conspiracies, will the chemistry between Na-Kyum and Seungho survive?

The art style of the webtoon is defined, beautiful and so detailed that it still blows the reader’s mind away. It possesses not have the computerized perfection of a webtoon, but it has the powerful strokes of an artist who has years of experience and has used that time to enhance and hone their skills. The eyes of the characters and the expressions are drawn to depict the inner emotions of the characters flawlessly. This is a must-read webtoon for those who love BL or LGBTQ Webtoons and cold-and-soft main lead romances.

9. I Love Yoo

The webtoon, made by Quimchee, is the story of Shin-Ae, a beautiful and ambitious girl who always has had bad luck as her companion since the very beginning. But despite her challenges, she still manages to smile through it all. Her life suddenly takes a drastic turn when she meets two rich brothers; Yeong-gi or Nol, a bright and funny guy, and Kousuke, a cold and closed guy who has never been on good terms with each other. Due to the turn of events, she is stuck between both of them who have developed feelings for her. The webtoon follows her journey through it all.

With funny dialogues fused with comforting words and breathtaking moments, this webtoon is a perfect blend of a binge-reading, slow-burn drama. The art style is bright yet detailed, simple in some ways but beautiful at all times. The story, the characters, and the art are something that needs to be appreciated. Still ongoing, the webtoon’s updates are something the fans and readers of it look eagerly forward to.

8. Spirit Fingers

Made by the wonderful author of the hit webtoon, “Our Beloved Summer” who has been successfully adapted into a K-Drama starring Kim Dami and Choi Woo Shik, Han Kyoung Chal brings another masterpiece named “Spirit Fingers” which follows the journey of the kind yet under-confident Amy Song, who stumbles upon a kind, cool and kind of a weird group of individuals who call themselves the “Spirit Fingers”. An art club is a croquis group and Amy, for mere curiosity and a certain bespectacled soft boi joins the club and is quickly beloved. But when she meets people who finally accept and love her as she is.

The story is so wholesome and comforting as it follows the journey of Amy that it tugs at your heartstrings. The main reason it is so popular is that readers relate to the characters of the webtoon, especially the protagonist, Amy. Being shy and insecure, the journey of discovering herself and her confidence is something all of us want. We feel as if we are actually discovering ourselves through her. Hence, with comedic gold and a cute art style, this webtoon will forever remain in our hearts (and archives)

7. My Life as a Loser

What happens when a bully’s soul is swapped with that of his victim and he is thrown back in time, with a chance to correct his misdoings? Taejun Park shows the story of Ancheol, a high school bully who has made it big in his life even after his wrong actions but is pushed into the past, in the body of his most pained victim, Jinu. To get back, he has to reverse all of his sins and what follows is the journey of a bully’s path to redemption.

One of the most realistic depictions of the brutal bullying in the schools of South Korea, the story is an honest yet funny take on the consequences of bullying. The detailed art style and powerful dialogues, with a strong plot and twists, are a perfect mix of action, drama, and heart-warming moments.

6. Lost in Translation

This webtoon by Jjolee shows the real side of the struggles of k-pop idols. It gives a glimpse under the glitz and glamour of the k-pop industry and shows how things actually work. The story is about a k-pop band named “Mayhem” who are quickly rising to popularity. But the main front idol of the group Wyld is often targeted falsely, making his persona a very controversial one. While the scandals are kind of pushing the momentum on the popularity side, will Wyld be able to keep his true self or lose sight of himself all the way?

The art is bright, but the story is a balance between drama and a little dash of humor. The enunciated eyes and features of the characters give the real idols’ beauty a type of justice which shows that the author has put in not only a lot of work but also kept the use of her impeccable skills consistent. This is a webtoon that every k-pop fan should read, as they would know how much their beloved idols struggle.

5. Surviving Romance

Amongst the popular zombie apocalypse series and Webtoons, what makes “Surviving Romance” stand out is its story and the way the writer frames the plot so effortlessly. The webtoon is the story of Chaerin Eun, who becomes the protagonist of a romance novel for her, everything seems perfect but her romance turns into horror when almost everyone turns into a zombie. Save for some students who have survived, it is up to her to save everyone and finally find out the end of the novel, but will she be able to, when challenges thrown towards her are so ruthless? Will she be able to save everyone?

A perfect blend of horror and drama, Surviving Romance is highly underrated in the English Circle. But trust me, you won’t regret reading it. From the catchy dialogues, beautiful art, and a story to die for (pun intended *wink wink*) the webtoon is a must-read for horror fans. The camaraderie between the characters, albeit a little tricky in the beginning, becomes so wholesome and wonderful that it almost makes us tear up. While the first season has completed, the webtoon written by Lee Yone has fans eagerly waiting for its second season to know what happens next.

4. After School Lessons for Unripe Apples

From the author of the iconic romance “Cheese in the Trap” comes to another cute webtoon called “After School Lesson for Unripe Apples”. Set in the 1990s, it follows the story of Mi Ae, a cute schoolgirl who loves to read comics and loves the k-pop group, “The Fire Band”. Bright and cheerful, she meets Cheol, a guy she used to know when she was young. Being the complete opposite of Cheol, Mi Ae’s compassionate self is out to befriend the “Lucifer” Cheol. Will she succeed?

We can rave endlessly about the webtoon as it is just. SO. CUTE! Mi Ae is the perfect cute and friendly protagonist and the male lead Cheol, despite being unfriendly, is drawn and depicted in such an adorable manner that all you want to do is tuck them in your pocket and keep them safe forever. The art style, the characters, the humor, and the drama make the webtoon an enjoyable ride for readers, especially those who love school-based stories.

3. Get Schooled

The webtoon with a story written by Chae Yongtaek and art by Han Garam is an action drama about a teacher, Hwajin Na, who is infamous for his absurd teaching techniques. What happens when this teacher stumbles upon bullies who are relentless in their practices? The story follows the journey of Hwajin as he disciplines the bullies in his own way.

The webtoon is one of those that depict the actual side of Korean School life and the Korean Education system. But what makes it even more important is that it tackles real cases of school scandals. The cases, albeit controversial, show how the education system works in Korea. Hence, the webtoon is a way the author wants to shed light on this issue. With an impeccable art style and a brilliant storyline, this webtoon is a must-read for those who love action. And honestly, whenever you see a bully gets what he deserves, no matter how bad the method was, it feels SO GRATIFYING.

2. She’s Hopeless

A cute story by Seok Woo shows Gabin, a rich but bullied girl. Gabin is often treated as an outcast in her school. But for her safety and companionship, her family hires Tae-Ung to look after her as her bodyguard. But when one lie wasn’t enough to complicate things, the incoming problems and confusing feelings create chaos in both Gabin’s and Tae-Ung’s life. What follows as a consequence is the crux of the story.

The simple yet beautiful art style and a wonderful plot line make the webtoon adorable in such a way that you cannot help but wait for the next update of this webtoon’s episode. Relatable, coz we can’t wait too.

1. Bastard

From the genius who made the iconic “Sweet Home“, Carnby Kim brings another nail-biting thriller called “Bastard”. The story is about Seon Jin, who is often bullied for his glass eye and freakish appearance. But what makes him scared is his own father. To the world, Jin’s father is a generous and kind businessman, but only Jin knows his secret, that his father is a deranged serial killer. But when events change, he is forced to break his silence and finally put a stop to his father’s insanity.

Bone-chilling and eerie, the webtoon delivers what it promises. The art style is so detailed and perfectly drawn that some scenes would actually send shivers down your spine (trust us, you would know which scenes when you read the webtoon). The plotline has the most perfect depiction of both rational and insane minds, and it makes even you introspect. The concept and the story perfectly take advantage of its graphic novel platform and hence, this webtoon is regarded as a cult classic after reading the webtoon, no wonder why it is everyone’s favorite.

While the culture of OTT is on the rise, webtoons are a clear balance for people who do like just plain textual novels but enjoy good stories. Hence, platforms like Webtoon are perfect for graphic novels and comics to thrive and see the popularity they are getting right now. Webtoons may be the next big thing for literature, art, and entertainment.

Want us to make more webtoon recommendations like this? Let us know in the comments below!

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