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Top 10 Korean Mukbangers who will make your stomach grumble loudly with hunger.

The culture of mukbangs has been on a steady rise among netizens and while there are many people who are making these videos, some of them stand out with different but their very own quirks. Hence we bring to you the top 10 mukbangers who deserve your mind’s and your stomach’s attention. But before that, let’s jog our memories regarding the meaning and the trend of mukbang and ASMR.

What is Mukbang?

Mukbang is a Korean word originating from the word “meok” which means “to eat”. Hence, “meokbang” is an online broadcast or video in which the host or the person in the video consumes large amounts of food.

While mukbang is basically food ASMR, where they eat food in a silent setting, where only the sounds of them eating the food are audible. They are satisfying and very calming, known to soothe your soul and make your stomach ravenously hungry, at the same time.

10. UDT

Known for his massive bites, UDT is Korean Mukbangers with 3.13 million subscribers. With his channel icon as a stark contrast to his video concepts, UDT eats massive amounts of food, and with the speed with which he does it, we can say that he literally INHALES his food. Despite eating such an enormous amount of food, the way he eats is not only aesthetically attractive but also clean, as he wears gloves and wipes his mouth every time the food spreads on his face. Attractive man, eating food beautifully and maintaining hygiene? YES, PLEASE!

9. Bonggil

Bonggil has eaten so much sweet food that it is a wonder that he hasn’t been diagnosed with diabetes (touchwood, no complaints though)  He literally stacks MOUNTAINS of food on his table and takes such big bites that he can eat one whole slice of cake in one bite. But the best part, looking at the way he presents his food, can get anyone to crave sweets. Though he is known for his sweet mukbangs, he also relishes eating spicy food. So that means, one big chicken leg, gone within seconds. No one can glare at food like Bonggil can, as if he is daring the chicken leg to even date to run away, and he is dead (double pun intended 😉) But regardless of all this, he genuinely enjoys food. He is foodie goals.

8. Eat With Boki

If being an elegant foodie was a living, breathing concept, it would have been Boki. She personifies eating with grace. She looks so beautiful and delicate that you would actually be skeptical of her ability to eat all the food she puts on her table, and trust me it is A LOT. But Our dear Boki eats it all and enjoys it so much that it not only makes our hearts happy but also our stomachs excited. Sometimes the spicy food she eats is so red that it matches her lip tint, but my god, she isn’t even FAZED. She just goes on eating happily. Well, what else do we need if we have Happy Boki?

7. Samdaejang

We all have that trio of friends who are chaotic TO THE BOOT. So, for the Korean Mukbang and ASMR community, we have the Samdaejang trio of friends. Any interaction between them becomes comedy gold. While all three of them have their own channels, this channel is where they meet and try out delicious food. While most of them are mouthwatering-ly good, other choices are a bit…….questionable. From eating 50 slices of cheese to plain wasabi with only a spoonful amount of rice, they have done it all. But honestly, this is what makes them stand out. It’s just three friends coming together to eat and have fun. Hence, the expressions they have are honest and literally meme material. Their 50 slices of cheese video are enough to give you ample memes, right from the starting message. *coughs guiltily*

6. Sulgi

With multiple angles of camera setups, Sulgi is one of the cleanest Mukbangers out there. She is also among the Mukbangers who show us the cooking and trust us, it is SOOOO satisfying. She is always squeaky clean and eats with the grace of high-class people. But the way she is eats is not only appealing, but her selection of food is also impeccable. She knows how to make our stomachs grumble……..even right after having dinner.

5. Chan Sori ASMR

With the handsome visuals of Sori, it is easy for us to mistake him for a k-pop idol, but in reality, this pretty boy is actually the consumer of HUGE mountains of food. This is actually his USP. He shows the food to the camera, i.e. to us, and then goes in stacking them so high, it is a surprise that it stays that way. But he not only manages to keep them in place, but eats them so easily as if it is a piece of cake for him (which it sometimes is for him, but WHOLE cakes). while he is scheduled to enlist in the military soon, who doesn’t want to see a pretty boy consume UNHOLY amounts of food? SIGN US UP!! Until then, we will miss you, Sori.

4. Tasty Hoon

Known for his mukbang fails than his successful ones, Tasty Hoon is a mukbanger who is loved by everyone. While his food choices are pretty simple, the way he pairs them with different food items and different electric food appliances (his fondue machine clips are hilarious), he ends p, unintentionally, failing at these experiments, and poor boy, along with making us hungry, makes us laugh too. Hence, his adorable videos are a hit among the mukbang audience. Check out the fail compilation below and let us know in the comments which one was your favorite!

3. Sio ASMR

Sio is quite a well-known mukbanger who is known for his unique and simple mukbangs alike, along with his K-pop idol-like looks. Despite his classy yet minimal style, what makes his videos unique is how he shows us the process of making it, blessing us with the cooking ASMR too or his visit to the convenience store if he does a “convenience store food mukbang”. Another segment he has is of him eating with friends, which is a different laugh riot altogether, especially their ice mukbang is something which would make you guilty for laughing at their plight but would be a treat to watch, nonetheless. The best part, he does festival and color-themed food videos too, which makes his pattern of videos even more enjoyable.

2. Ssoyoung

One of the most chaotic mukbangers to exist in the history, she can even make Tasty Hoon a run for his money with regard to mukbang fails. From flailing eels to eating stinky tofu, the homegirl has done it all. Though she has a preference for seafood, mainly octopus (our desi vegetarian selves could never–), she can literally DEVOUR food like its nothing. But the best parts of her videos are when she struggles with her food. Naturally, when you are eating non-vegetarian food from scratch, struggle with your soon-to-be-food is inevitable, but Ssoyoung makes is so very adorable and hilarious that it wins our hearts.

1. Zach Choi ASMR

The most popular and loved Mukbangers in the community, Zach Choi, is the very definition of classy eating. From making his food in an expensive-production-to-commercial way to eating it with the grace of a swan, Zach has been the trendsetter for Mukbangers. Probably with the most easygoing and hunger-inducing videos, Zach snags the no.1 position on our list and it is so very well-deserved. Trust us, you will know when you see his videos.

Though we have compiled a list of only 10 mukbangers, there are actually many more hidden gems of this mukbang and ASMR community that are actually just waiting to be popularized. So let us know if you need part 2 for the Korean Mukbangers segment because we will deliver piping-hot articles as per your demands, just like the Nuclear Ghost Pepper chip.

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