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Top 10 amazing Enhypen dances to make you groove to their beats

K-pop music is known for its fusion of beautiful songs and delicately designed choreography which is different from every style of dance. The recent pioneers of the 4th gen K-pop dance are Enhypen who have been surprising us with their uniquely conceptualized dance routines.

The boy band’s tracks are chest-thumpingly good, with melodies fused perfectly to go with their impeccable dance moves.

Here we have top 10 dances by ENHYPEN which, despite varying in difficulty levels, fans could probably emulate and enjoy…only after a ton of practice of course.

These tracks and routines are perfect for when you want to either burn those extra calories, increase your dance proficiency or just go wild and hit the dance floor. And these are perfect for every occasion!

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10. Not For Sale

From their album “BORDER: CARNIVAL”, “Not for Sale” is a melodious and peppy track with a mellow vibe to it. Just as the flirty music, the song is perfect to listen to and dance to when you are either feeling cute or impressing someone cute.

ENHYPEN themselves look like boyfriend material in their baby blue sweatshirts and their choreography is easy with a summer-like vibe so you can easily dance to it. This song is perfect for our “Feeling Cute Playlist”.

9. Let Me In (20 Cube)

This song “Let Me In” does have a cute vibe to it too, but it has a more flirty quotient. This song has a reggae-inspired beat and is honestly SOOO CATCHY.

The groove in the music, the instruments, the whole vibe of the song is so beautiful that you absolutely cannot sit still while listening to it, even more so if you’re watching the boys dancing to it.

8. Upper Side Dreamin’

This track from “DIMENSION: DILEMMA” is an R&B track with it’s own K-pop twist to it. Its melody is easy going, but the dance being a little intricate adds a different charm to it.

The dance performance has the “GHOSTBUSTERS” as the theme which makes it even more fun! This is a song which we can listen to while working, doing chores or even while going to sleep.

I bet we would dance to it in our dreams too, and it would be the perfect “Upper Side Dreamin‘” (see what I did there?)

7. Tamed-Dashed

The title track of the same album as the previous song, “DIMENSION:DILEMMA”, Tamed-Dashed is a fast-paced and hyper song with beautiful choreography that has your feet moving and heart pumping like never before.

Perfect for workouts, this wonderful song has more complicated dance routines, but learning it is as fun as listening to this song. Seriously, this is the perfect song if you want to dance your heart out.

6. Go Big or Go Home

Filled with complicated foot movements, this song is great for both- those already agile on their feet but also for those who want to learn and become more agile, as the real fun lies there.

With its casual yet sophisticated dance routine, this song has a little confusing and difficult choreography but once you get the hang of it, it’s actually SO FUN to dance to!

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5. Permission To Dance/ Tamed-Dashed

This dance cover performed by Enhypen at the FNS Music Festival was kind of like a tribute to their Seonbaes, BTS’ hit dance number “Permission To Dance” and they absolutely NAILED IT!

The way they danced to it made it seem like the song was theirs in the first place. They later fused it with their own latest hit “Tamed-Dashed” and it was a dream come true for any ENGENE-ARMY.

4. Mixed Up

The whole song, true to it’s name, is a beautiful blend of slow and quick dance steps, where it alternates between the two and this transition is carried out effortlessly by Enhypen.

The hook step is a bit easy to do but the rest of the choreography stays true to Enhypen’s dance pattern, easy yet beautifully intricate. Wonderfully sung and beautifully executed, this song is a masterpiece of fusion.

3. Given-Taken

Given-Taken is a song from ENHYPEN’s first album, “BORDER:DAY ONE”, and looking at its routine, it certainly deserves to be the title song. With it’s perfect steps and visually enthralling movements, this song set the benchmark that the band now has for their dance. Perfect to dance while working out!

2. Fever

This song, even though slow-paced, has one of the most complicated steps in its routine. The co-ordination of the feet and arms is so perfectly timed that it’s seamless.

Considered to be one of ENHYPEN’s most difficult dance routines, it deserves to be on the second place in our list.

1. Drunk-Dazed

Here comes the king of all ENHYPEN’s dances. Drunk-Dazed is fast paced and fierce, perfect when you want to go for a more complicated and expert dancer routine.

With jumps, floor steps, feet and hand steps, it’s so apt when you want to level up your dance efficiency. The most preferred and yet the most delicately designed routine, this is really a GOD’S WORK.


NI-KI’s Lie Cover

NI-KI is dubbed as one of the best dancers in ENHYPEN and his cover of BTS Jimin’s “Lie” is testament to it.

He glides as smoothly as a majestic swan, much as the original singer of the song. The dance is so gracefully designed that Ni-ki has done perfect justice to it.

Here’s to manifesting a “Lie” cover with both Jimin and Ni-ki🤞🏻

Niki and Jungwon “Bleeding Darkness”

The most recent cover by Jungwon and Ni-ki has a scary, horror vibe to it where Ni-ki plays a fierce and beautiful vampire while Jungwon plays the part of his (handsome) victim.

The song adds to the charm of the routine which is so wonderfully designed that it instantly mesmerizes us to the point of no return. Expertly executed, this dance routine is perfect for Halloween…..or even if you want to scare someone but look pretty while doing so.

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