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The K-pop Way to Dance

The K-pop industry is known for its music and its knack for fusing deep meanings and stories in its art, using its talent to show all facets of life. But one of the major aspects of k-pop is their impeccable dance. Their routines are one of the most well-choreographed anybody has ever seen. Hence, it’s quite natural for us to aspire to have the grace to dance like these idols.

k-pop choreography

The K-pop Dance Process

Dancing is a skill that every k-pop idol is necessary to learn as not only their music but their dance to express their feelings. They use their dancing chops to show people what words can’t express. Hence, being good at dancing is ingrained from the beginning of their training period. While being as good as the idols is a feat in itself, we can always learn to enhance our skills as a dancer. But there are some things that are necessary to be developed for you to become a dancer fluent in the k-pop form.

The foremost is the agility and stamina required to learn and perform routines. While some dance choreography is pretty easy, most of the routines require high energy to perform them.  Most of the time, the steps needed to be performed are complicated and quick, hence to complete them, you require the necessary agility to perform. The same goes for the requirement of stamina, high-speed choreography requires stamina so that the energy remains consistent throughout the song. K-pop choreography is often very fast, hence one should have the strength to perform them.

Another aspect that makes k-pop dances so attractive is the formations and illusion the idols use in their choreography. Some formations and positions are pretty easy to spot and make, but there are some formations that require more precision because the precision itself makes the dance even better. But one of the major enhancers of the routines is the illusions that some groups make, either from their hands or their footwork. Thus, these formations are great instruments to make your dances better. If you are going to perform covers of k-pop songs, try to get the formations right because a mistake could end up messing up the whole routine. Thus, practice is necessary, especially in this case.

As much as formations matter, the inclusion of stunts and grace is also something that makes a dance routine better. Whether it is a freestyle/street dance form, or softer forms such as contemporary, stunts make it more eye-catching.

Now some k-pop tracks have two versions, one is the original or the studio version the second is the music video or performance version. The latter usually have a dance break where the idols focus solely on dancing. Thus, performing them is tricky. Getting these sections right is the key to a successful dance routine.

Once we are down with the technicalities, the fun part comes in. Now, even if you have the technique and choreography right, the performance won’t be fun unless you put the ✨sparkle✨ in it. These special additions are the expressions and attitude you put in your demeanor while performing. If you don’t do it or are unsuccessful in doing so, then it would seem as if you aren’t interested in doing the performance. Hence, it may seem that you have a lack of enthusiasm. Thus, keep in mind that as much as dancing is important, expressions and swag are equally necessary. After all, what fun is dancing if you don’t enjoy it?

Now that we have all the necessary points clear, you are good at going on your journey of becoming a k-pop dancer! Let us know in the comments if this was helpful or maybe…….just drop your covers, eh? WE LOVE A RESPONSIVE FAM!!

Until then, Fighting!!

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