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5 beautiful covers by BTS that would make you and your heart sway on their melodies.

BTS members are, no doubt, some of the most talented individuals in the music industry right now. Their quality novices shine through even when you do not understand their language, i.e. Korean. But their beautiful vocals always seep into your soul and warm it, no matter what language it is. Hence, their music always holds a consideration and appreciation for their originality. Yet, BTS has surprised us quite frequently with covers of popular artists’ songs, and honestly, they never fail to impress. So here we are, presenting you the top 5 covers by our beloved BTS members:

5. “In Front of the Post Office in Autumn ” (가을 우체국 앞에서) by Jin (2018)

Jin is known for his beautiful vocals and high notes resembling the angels of the heavens. Hence, every song sung by him leaves the listeners always wanting more, making his songs a masterpiece. While his original songs as solo or as a BTS member have been deemed beautiful, he has also sung soulful renditions of other singers. One of them is “In Front of the Post Office in Autumn”, which was originally released in 1994 by Yoon Do-Hyun, who went on to front the popular band YB. Jin’s version of the song was uploaded to BTS’ SoundCloud account as part of the chart-topping act’s annual BTS Festa and serves as the “Interlude Ceremony” of the event. The Jin Remake of “In Front of the Post Office in Autumn” updated the song to add a more folk rock lead-in, introducing an acoustic guitar and harmonica before delving into the second half of the song’s explosive climax. No doubt, one of the best covers by the Worldwide Handsome. God, his voice is ETHEREAL.

4. “Fools” by RM and Jung Kook (2015)

The NamKook duo has always been special for every ARMY. Jungkook always looks up to Namjoon ( like, seriously. He gets galaxies in his eyes when he looks at RM). Not everyone knows this, but Namjoon is one of the vital reasons why Jungkook joined BigHit in the first place. Hence, them making a cover together is really meaningful. That makes it altogether wonderful. And one of those songs includes a cover of the beautiful “Fools” by Troye Sivan. The heartbreakingly wonderful track has been generously covered by RM and Jungkook, so much so that it is still fresh in every ARMY’s mind.

3. “Someone Like You” by V (2014)

Adele has been reigning in the hearts of people around the world with her soulful voice for years, and yet she always manages to surprise everyone with her songs. Another singer who shares this quality with the British Singer is our very own Husky and Deep voice god, V of BTS. Adele has a voice which is deep in a very warm way, like a cup of hot coffee on beautiful winter mornings. V a.k.a Taehyung has a similar effect on listeners. If Adele is a cup of coffee on winter mornings, Taehyung’s voice is like hot chocolate on winter nights while being curled up in a warm blanket, reading a book. Hence, V’s take on “Someone Like You” is a heartfelt piece that could melt you right away.

2. “We Don’t Talk Anymore Pt.2” by Jung Kook and Jimin (2017)

One of the most iconic covers that landed up in a collaboration, “We Don’t Talk Anymore” is a song that has been the anthem for every person who is trying to move on from their ex. Charlie Puth and Selena Gomez created a RAGING storm with this song, which still has a recurring place in everyone’s playlists. But another track that has also taken place beside the track is the cover for the same song, but with the different and equally beautiful voices of Jimin and Jungkook. The cover not only maintains the preppy but melancholic vibe but also gives it a wonderful twist. Trust us, this is one of THE most beautiful covers ever made.

1. “Fix You” by Coldplay (2021)

Coldplay is regarded as one of the best bands in the global music industry. Their songs contain elements that touch your heart in the best way possible. Whether it is a happy song like “Girls Like You” or if it’s a sad but vocally wonderful hug given by Coldplay in their “The Scientist”, they always know how to comfort their fans. BTS is no different from Coldplay in this aspect. Their love for their ARMY is known worldwide, expressed through various gestures and, of course, their songs. Sometimes their songs provide not only comfort but also confidence. The same happened when they covered the beautiful song “Fix You” by Coldplay. The song, so wonderfully sung by the Korean band, has touched the hearts of so many people that even those who aren’t a fan of them appreciate and love their rendition. It’s just so…….. BTS. It’s like they are actually reassuring you that it’s okay to be sad and cry, for they would always be there to lend their virtual shoulders for us to cry on. The sheer belongingness emanating from the cover is sometimes overwhelming, and yet perfectly what a broken heart and soul need when they weep. Hence, this cover by BTS is at the top, because the song belongs equally to the original artists, Coldplay and BTS.

Though we have listed the top 5, it does not in any way downplay other covers by BTS. It’s just that they are absolutely right, fitting the band so well that not mentioning them would be a shame. But fear not, because we have the whole BTS cover playlist for you. Happy Listening!!

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