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RM releases the track-list for his “Indigo” and the featured collaborations have ARMY all feral screaming

BTS has been making 2022 a year memorable for not only the ARMY but also the music industry worldwide. From conquering the charts with their beautiful spectrum of an album, “PROOF’ with soulful ballads like “Yet To Come” and heart-thumping bangers like “Run BTS”, they have been delivering masterpieces over masterpieces.

In another set of works they have been pampering and expressing themselves through their individual ways. In June, the band announced that they would be focusing more on their solo careers. While ARMY panicked in sadness, mistaking that they would disband, the boys proved otherwise. What they meant was that they would bring out more solo projects, all the while supporting each other endlessly through it all.

Hence, after J-hope, another solo album we have now is from the leader-nim himself, RM. His much-awaited new album called “Indigo” is like a letter of him giving us a glimpse of himself, especially in a fame-surrounded situation. While the fandom is excited for an array of soul-soothing songs, the artists’ RM collaborating in this album is driving fans ABSOLUTELY CRAZY.

From Erykah Badu to Tablo, he has them all.

rm indigo wildflower

The RM Collaboration List

First up, we have the collaboration which has given us our lead single for the album, “Wild Flower” with Youjeen. A veteran in the k-pop industry, she is a famous Rock artist who still shakes our hearts with her music. Her most famous songs are “ Daydreamin” and “HIGHER”.

Next up, we have the legendary Erykah Badu, who is a pioneer in neo-soul music. An American producer, singer, and actor, known for her talent in R&B, soul, and hip hop-influenced music, she is called the “Queen of Neo Soul”, which has both sides of the fans excited. “Danger” and “Back in the Day (Puff)” with ‘Love’ became her second song to reach the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100, peaking at #9. The album was certified Gold by the RIAA. Needless to say, RM and Erykah’s song, “Yun” would be a massive favorite.

The third song in the album, “Still Life” is with BTS’s dearest friend, Anderson Paak. An accomplished and talented rapper, singer, and songwriter, he and his family make the perfect story of fans-to-colleagues-to-friends. While both Anderson and Tannies have met and had fun, the former even being singled out by his own family when they met the latter because they were too busy being smitten by the seven members of the band. But, that’s just the BTS effect. Hence, a collaboration was oncoming. Here’s to more Anderson Paak-BTS moments!

For the fourth track on his album, RM collaborated with a person he admires greatly. Tablo, the Korean-Canadian legend from the group Epik High, has been reigning hearts for a very long time, laying down paths for future idols as a legacy. One of them was RM too. Hence, when it came to choosing an artist with who he could collaborate on his album, he went for a person who he always looked up to, Tablo. Even Tablo was so excited that he agreed without even asking for the details. He trusted RM and hence, their belief delivered us with a masterpiece in “All Day”

The fifth track in the album lineup, “Forg_tful” features Kim Sawol, a wonderful singer and songwriter. Known for her banger debut in 2014 with an extended play “Secret”, a collaboration between her and A fellow singer Kim Hae-won. Specializing in Folk, SHe adds her own touch to the album through her collaboration with RM, which gave a beautiful song like, “Forg_tful”

Next up, we have a song on which most ARMYs are currently vibing to. “Closer” is a track RM made with Another Korean-Canadian artist, Paul Blanco, and Mahalia, a British singer. Both of them are renowned for their music in the rap, R&B, and hip-hop scene, and they lent their efforts and contribution to RM’s album through this song. “Closer” has a more sultry vibe and thus, the track with its unique melody has been a recent addition to ARMYs playlists.

The next collaboration song in the album is called “Hectic” with popular R&B artist “Colde”, known for his soundtrack work in popular k-dramas like “Backstreet Rookie”. a talented artist who made a successful mark for himself in Korean R&B, happily agreed to give us a banger of a song.

Last but not the least, “No.2” with Park Jiyoon is another song in RM’s golden collaboration list. A multi-talented singer who juggles acting and modeling, she lent her voice to the track “Indigo”, which has fans hooked.

Which is your favorite collaboration? Let us know in the comments below. Come on, don’t be shy *wink wink*

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