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RM goes on a quest for Pokemon bread…on his mighty bicycle

The recent trend of the famous Pokemon bread has been going viral as several k-pop idols rave about it. One such idol is our lovely hyung, RM of BTS.

Image Courtesy: Yonhap

Anyone would feel surprised that the leader of the world’s biggest boy band would go to EIGHT STORES, playfully accepting that he “raided” them for pokemon bread. Add this to the fact that RM doesn’t have his driver’s license, which means he hunted for the bread on his trusty bicycle.

Wouldn’t it be a sight to behold? RM, rushing and pedalling the cycle as he goes from store to store for pokemon bread!

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Why does RM love Pokemon Bread so much?

The secret for these purchases are actually the Pokemon Cards inside these packets, which are collectibles. When he got all of these packets and cards, RM took to Instagram to share his achievement with the ARMYs, as if a child or a teenager showing off his toy/ action figure collection.

Image Courtesy: Screenshots from RM’s official Instagram account (@rkive)

His posts even made it to National News!

The fans’ reactions were, as expected, were that of pure adoration, as if watching your precious person showing off their prized possessions. Here are some of the tweets by the Twitter ARMY on their lovely Gentle Giant posting his achievements on Instagram.

The best part? During their recent concerts a few days ago, Namjoon changed the lyrics to the BTS’ hit song “Anpanman” from “All I can give you is bread” to “What can I only give you is Pokemon bread!”

It’s actually no secret in the fandom that RM is a die-hard Pokemon fan. Though the other members love Pokemon too, no one is as enthusiastic as him.

During one of their interviews with Noisey, they were asked about their favourite Pokemon and RM literally shouted out that he loves Mangnanyong. He said that he didn’t know its English name, but that one is his favourite one.

V too tried to explain the Pokemon’s description, while RM cutely imitated how the Pokemon spewed fire from its mouth. Later, he shared the picture of the Pokemon to show which one he meant.

As it turns out, the keen fans found out its English name, which was Dragonite. You can see the whole interview below:

Petition to SPC Samlip Corporation to restock the Pokemon Bread for Joonie!

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