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Recently, while answering ARMY’s questions on Weverse, V revealed that he is going to release KTH1 this year and is looking forward to ARMY listening to it. One of the highly anticipated news from Taehyung aka V was about his mix tape and finally, there is some good news!

During his interview with “Weverse “BE: Behind”, he said that he was working on his mixtape, which consisted of 13 songs. Since then, the fandom has been eager and even rewarded with snippets of some of his songs.

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Taehyung has been consistently working on his project, since it was delayed due to the GRAMMYs and the band’s schedules. But it seems as if KTH1 is finally on the verge of being ready and this recent development has the fandom in a frenzy.

Image via Instagram/V, posing for VOGUE GQ

But even though his mixtape is releasing after many delays, V has been giving the fandom many beautiful songs like the OST specials “Sweet Night” and his most recent “Christmas Tree,” which are still topping charts.

Also, his soulful ballads like “Winter Bear” and his Christmas surprise to ARMYs, ” Snow Flower,” are still a regular in the playlists, soothing us.

Here are some of the reactions of the fandom:

Even the official account of World Music Awards expressed their excitement with the following tweet and you can even see Guinness World Records hyperventilating, ironically telling everyone to stay calm.😂

But when an ARMY asked that he will be including the snippets he uploaded on Instagram, he apologized to the fans’ as he said that he has deleted them and they won’t be in the mixtape.

So a Twitter ARMY posted a beautiful thread about all the teasers posted by Taehyung and this has the ARMY crying in a corner, because we would never get full versions of these masterpieces 😭

Regardless, ARMY is excited for the new beautiful masterpieces Taehyung would release with KTH1, and honestly, we can’t wait!

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