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Analyzing Over 10 Bombastic BlackPink Lisa Hairstyles Through the Eras

BlackPink Lisa is the female dancing machine of k-pop. For Lisa hairstyle is the most important part of her job since she is the dance captain and the fiercest rapper of the group. And hence, she experiments with her hair colors while maintaining her signature bangs. In this article, we take a look at the 10+ colors that have enhanced Lisa’s hair through BLACKPINK’s eras.

Counting down the most influential Lisa hairstyles

1) “Whistle” Era

BlackPink Lisa debuted with a unique and powerful combination of hair colors, which were gray, blonde, and blue. While her hair was artfully colored in gray-blonde, she had highlights in blue, which made her hair look like a work of art. The Lisa hairstyle was something out of the box and the way she pulled it off made it stand out even more.

2) “Boombayah” Era

The theme of the song Boombayah was of defiance and female power, showing a woman’s different shades, and Lisa’s hair may be a signature of that too. While her roots were black, the color lightened up as it went down in the blonde tone, resulting in the ends of her hair being a brilliant blonde.

The best part? Even her bangs were dyed in the same color pattern. The hair made Lisa look stunning and complemented her rapper persona perfectly.

3) “Stay” Era

While Lisa kept the black-blonde hair from the previous era, she added a dash of green to it, making her look almost immaculate. She highlighted her hair to a mint green and honestly, nobody imagined that it would look good, but the way Lisa carried it was simply outstanding.

4) “Playing with Fire” Era

Staying true to the concept of their song, Lisa went all blonde with a beautiful orange in Playing With Fire. This combination made her hair look like red-hot fire with orange tipped flames. This color combination is unique, since not all idols can pull this off like Lisa can. Even her hair carries versatility!

5) “As if it’s Your Last” Era

In this era, Lisa takes the color of her highlights from the previous era to the full lengths of her hair. Lisa turns her bright orange highlights to a darker, rustic shade of orange in her full hair. The color looks like shining rust and honestly? Rust never looked so good.

6) “Ddu Du Ddu Du” Era

Moving from the tone of orange to brown, Lisa goes from rust orange to light brown. Her hair turns darker after each era, as if signifying every element of the world. If the blonde-orange highlights represented fire, the rustic orange showed metal and the warm brown represents earth. But besides these references, her hair looks like a perfect waterfall of silky milk chocolate.

7) “Kill This Love” Era

The Kill This Love era is iconic for Lisa’s Hair Legacy. This time, we have the return of the Gray and it is back with bleached hair. This hair went perfectly well with all the beautiful outfits Lisa wore, so much so that you can’t take your eyes off her. And well, do we even want to?

8) “How You Like That” Era

In this period, Lisa went for not just one, but two vivid colors. We can see that she dyed her hair completely in black and maroon, separately. Hence, we can see her rocking black in some scenes of the music video and in some, it is maroon. The colors, though in darker tones, looked like velvet in her hair.

She also had bob with blonde underside highlights, which still remains a popular choice for a bold yet cute hairstyle.

9) “Ice Cream” Era

Lisa once again sported two different hair combinations in the Ice Cream music video. While she still stuck to her highlights, this time with pink ones, she went for a full mint green hair. And honestly, this color choice surprised the fans so much that they still haven’t recovered from the “Mint-Haired Lisa” and to be honest, we haven’t too. Maybe she can play the female Joker?

10) “Lalisa” Era

In 2021, Lisa released her first solo album and returned to brown tones in the hit tracks, Money and Lalisa, albeit in lighter shades. This color gave a beautiful shimmer to her hair, almost glowing in some scenes. She carried that hair in both braided hair and looked like the queen that she is in traditional Thai attire.

11) Post- COVID Era

After she recovered from the COVID-19 virus, Lisa made a banging comeback with beautiful, pink hair. She uploaded some pictures on her official Instagram account from her trip to LA and this new color literally looks like the silkiest candyfloss ever.

Image Courtesy: Lisa’s official Instagram account (@lalalalisa_m)

BlackPink Lisa hair at present

Lisa is now donning the beautiful platinum blonde look, making her hair look like the perfect and shiniest tone of blonde. We have to say, nobody rocks the blonde color like Lisa Manoban does.

BlackPink Lisa Hairstyle
Image Courtesy: Lisa’s official Instagram account (@lalalalisa_m)

This array of vivid colors and their combinations proves Lisa can carry literally any hairstyle and color. The more colors she uses, the longer and grander her “Hair Legacy” is. This has made fans eager to see which color she uses next. What are your guesses?

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