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Jisoo Has Had the Most Vivid Hair Colors Throughout Blackpink History

Blackpink is known for dabbling in various kinds of hair colors and has never disappointed in surprising fans with their beautiful looks. However, Jisoo tops the list when it comes to have the most vibrant hair color history. From black to vivid pink and colorful highlights, she never shies away from experimenting with her looks.

Blackpink Jisoo always blows fans away with her looks

1. Debut Era

Blackpink debuted with two memorable songs, Boombayah and Whistle. But not only the music is still fresh in our minds, so is Jisoo’s hair colors from that time. While she had Dark Brown hair for Boombayah, she went for a darker shade and fused her dark brown hair with black. It was extremely subtle, yet extremely eye-catching.

Another wonderful and still one of the most iconic hair color is the rainbow hair she had, comprising ombre red with purple that makes her hair look like the galaxies.

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2. “Playing With Fire” Era

During this era, Jisoo was dabbling with fire. She went all in on the red color and, at one time, donned a few red highlights in her black hair. Even though the red highlights were beautiful, what was more iconic was her beautiful long hair in the bold, wondrous red. Definitely one of our favorites.

Blackpink jisoo

3. “Stay” Era

Jisoo again went for the highlights in the Stay Era, but this time, she had a bolder. She went for not just one, but two colors for highlights – Purple and Blue. These made her hair look more verve, and she definitely rocked it.

4. “As If It’s Your Last” Era

During this era, she took two contrasting hair colors, black and red. She went back to both her iconic hair colors, making fans nostalgic. Alongside, with her features becoming sharper, the colors made her hair stand out even more, enhancing her face in a new way.

5. “Ddu Du Ddu Du” Era

In this era, Jisoo proved that nothing can go wrong with classic black hair. The simple color looked so glorious on her face that you can’t help but wonder, how could Jisoo pull off black hair in a manner never seen before?

6. The Arena Tour Era

In 2018, the band was on the Arena tour where the singer switched her hair color up a notch and went for a beautiful, chocolate brown, which she then changed to her trademark black again. Nonetheless, fans still view the brown as one of those colors that suits her perfectly. The fans who attended the concert agreed and claimed that she looked almost surreal with her hair glowing like melting chocolate.

7. “Kill This Love” Era

One of the most iconic eras of BLACKPINK, Jisoo shifted her hair color to a bolder tone with Dark, Blood Red and then Auburn Orange. The red hair looked like the river of red silk on her hair, making her look like a modern goddess, even the reincarnation of Aphrodite herself.

If the red gave her hair more of a sinister and secretive look, the auburn orange made her look elegant, almost ethereal. Bold, eye-catching and intense, this era is known for Jisoo rocking both hair colors like an actual dark angel.

8.” How You Like That”‘ Era

In HYLT time, Jisoo switched back to her black hair but then upgraded, donning the beautiful Copper Red. The theme of the era was dark and beautifully fierce, and Jisoo going back to her black hair signified that women are the most beautiful and dangerously wonderful when they are in their original looks, as their honesty is both lethal and marvelous.

The Copper Brown suited Jisoo so well that when it shined, it literally looked like melting copper.

9. “Ice Cream” Era

In their collaboration music video with Selena Gomez, Jisoo kept her black hair with copper brown highlights but also matched the theme with another color combination of black hair with pink highlights.

10. The 2022 Era

While she kept her black hair for the music video of “Lovesick Girls” and her debut drama, “Snowdrop”, she recently again surprised fans with a new look at the airport, on her way to Paris.

She highlighted the lower part of her hair with a bright and brilliant blonde, which caught everyone’s eye of everyone due to its striking contrast and the absolute ease and grace she carried herself with.

Jisoo, being the visual of the group, proves her title true by showcasing such a spectacular array of colors that it has fans eagerly waiting on her next hair color, who know that it will be as bold and beautiful as the singer.

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