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The Korean Way of Wonderful Storytelling: Webtoons

Graphic Novels/Comics have been around the world for a long time. But one variety of graphic novels from South Korea, which are especially in demand right now, alongside K-pop and K-dramas, are Webtoons. They have created a storm in the graphic novel scene in the last few years. From anime adaptations to making them into live-action series, they are ruling the entertainment industries at the present time. Thus, we bring you the much-needed appreciation for a way of storytelling that has made a hallmark of itself, on its own. We present to you, “The Korean Way of Storytelling through Webtoon”

What is Webtoon?

webtoon logo

A digital comic by Naver (kind of like the Korean version of google) originated in Korea and is primarily read in the portrait orientation as it’s usually read on phones. While most of the comics, also called “manhwas” are in the Korean language, they are now translated for the audience on a global level.

The Platform

First and foremost, we should acknowledge that the reach of the app has been so wide that it is now one of the biggest platforms for artists to showcase their talent. Not only limited to Korea but now available in the whole world, both artists and readers have a connection through seas and continents. While most of the content is free, there are some perks of webtoons that are paid I.e., some extra perks such as Daily Pass and Fast Pass need to be paid through coins in the app purchased by the readers to avail. This, and ads, are ways for the artists to earn money. A win-win for both, right?

The Art

Types of Art styles

While the art style differs from artist to artist, one thing remains constant through all the Webtoons; their beauty. Even though every art style of every story is different, the beauty they carry is no doubt so wonderful that their impressions stay with us for a long time. Each genre has its own set of art. For example, romantic Webtoons tend to be more flowery and lovely, while art for horror is more dark and gruesome.

The Story

A human mind is a complex place. The capacity in which it can process and work is still a dynamic topic for humans themselves. Thus, imagine the power used by them to conjure up stories. Thus, in this context, a Webtoon is like a treasure trove of stories. From the most unbelievable fantasy and sci-fi to the most trivial yet wholesome slice-of-life stories, Webtoon has it all. Thus, when it comes to finding the most out-of-the-box stories? This is the right place.

The Inclusion of Music

Music is an aspect that enhances the beauty of any work it is attached to, even humans. Thus, the inclusion of music in Webtoon stories is an element that uplifts the charm of the work. As a result, there are so many soundtracks of webtoons that have been going viral. They not only complement the plot but also set the mood for the chapter they are attached to. Hence it’s proven, music makes everything better, especially webtoons.

The Variety

Since Webtoon has gone global, it has many artists from around the world presenting their stories in their own way through art. Thus, it provides the reader with a larger array of variety to enjoy stories. The platform basically has a story for everyone. It provides choices from such a wide range that you end up being confused, asking yourself what to choose. Thus, the sheer amount of variety in the Webtoon is ✨chef’s kiss✨

Now, since you have an idea about Webtoon, why not go check it out ASAP? You can get the Webtoon app from the Google play store here.

And if you already are a reader, mention your favourite in the comments below!

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