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K-pop Fans Celebrate ENHYPEN Leader Jungwon’s Birthday in Style; Merchandise Sold-Out Within Minutes

Jungwon, leader of popular K-pop group ENHYPEN, celebrated his 18th birthday on February 9. Naturally, Engenes were just as ecstatic and wanted to celebrate the same occasion with style.

In fact, if there was any doubts regarding just how popular Jungwon is, what fans did on his birthday should put them all to bed. 

Just three minutes after his official birthday merchandise was put up for sale, Engenes bought it all!

If you were late to the party, unfortunately there may be nothing left for you to buy.

ENHYPEN fans voice dismay over sold-out merchandise

Some fans had some hilarious responses to the news that all the merchandise had been sold out. 

While Engenes managed to buy everything that had been put up for sale on Jungwon’s birthday, other fans took the opportunity to poke some fun at the groups’ followers.

While some were ruing the fact that they could not get their hands on anything, others were happy to share what they could buy.

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Jungwon and Sunoo to take over ‘Listen’

Apart from his 18th birthday, Engines were treated to another piece of wonderful news. ENHYPEN members Jungwon and Sunoo will be taking over as DJs of popular EBS Radio Show โ€˜Listenโ€™.

“I am very happy to be the first radio DJ under my name in Korea. I will reach out to listeners with a serious image and candid story that I could not see on stage. I have the confidence to do it.”

This comes as no surprise given just how rapidly the group’s popularity is growing by the day. Just recently, ENHYPEN marked a terrific milestone in their journey, surpassing 4,900,000 monthly users on the music streaming platform Spotify

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