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Jungkook Mimicking Taehyung Will Have You in Splits: ‘Clowning His Hyungs…’

Jungkook and RM mimicking Taehyung during the livestream is the best thing you’ll see today! It was quite a roller-coaster day for ARMY with Jin undergoing a surgery (he’s back home and recuperating, don’t worry!) But BTS going live on Vlive cheered the ARMY up!

Jungkook spot on with funny imitation

During the livestream, Jungkook, the prankster maknae that he is, imitated V. And, of course, infectious as Jungkook’s mischief is, Namjoon followed suit too!

You can check out their amusing mimicry below and compare it to V too.

Naturally, ARMYs played their part in these shenanigans too, posting funny memes to add to the fun.

And this isn’t the first time Jungkook has imitated someone from the band as one fan was quick to point out.

As fun as this and the entire livestream was, the day started with news that had ARMY a bit concerned. Jin reportedly injured his index finger and had to undergo surgery to rectify the tendon damage.

Thank fully, the surgery was a success and Jin is now discharged and back home recovering. Alas, he could not attend the livestream and he was certainly missed.

But exciting times lay ahead for BTS and their legion of fans. Not only haver the K-pop band been nominated for a Grammy for Butter, but they will also perform at the event!

Following that, BTS will also continue their PTD tour by performing in Las Vegas after a massively successful Permission to Dance on Stage- Seoul.

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