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Jisoo or Rihanna? Who Got a Bigger Reception at the Paris Fashion Week 2022?

The Paris Fashion Week is underway and stars and celebrities from across the world have arrived in France for the glamourous event. BlackPink’s Jisoo made quite the stir when she arrived at the Dior Winter Collection event, sending fans into a tizzy.

Among various other celebrities, American artist Rihanna too was spotted at the event. And the reception she got was also amazing and frantic.

Jisoo or Rihanna?

Both Jisoo and Rihanna are successful musicians and globally popular. Moreover, both artists are also global fashion icons and so it comes as no surprise that fans celebrated their appearances wildly!

But who got the bigger reception from the fans waiting outside?

Well, that is for you to decide.

Check out how fans reacted to Rihanna below.

Currently pregnant, Rihanna’s outfit at the event did raise quite a few eyebrows. But then again, when has Rihanna ever followed convention?

As always, the hip-hop superstar turned heads.

Check out another video of Rihanna at the Dior Winter Collection 22.

And now, check out the reaction Blinks and other fans had to the Queen of K-pop Jisoo.

And below is the video of Jisoo stepping out of the show.

The K-pop idol also had quite the crazy send off from Korea. Fans and photographers flocked to her to bid adieu and get an eyeful of her new look in preparation for the fashion week as the Dior global ambassador.

So, after looking at the reception from fans of both Jisoo and Rihanna, who do you think got a bigger cheer?

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