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Jackson Wang is going to perform in Lollapalooza, India, and WE. CAN. NOT. KEEP. CALM!

One of the most iconic music festivals in the world is FINALLY performing in Asia and it is happening in INDIA *celebratory crying ensues* Hence, the wait for every music enthusiast has come to an end because LOLLAPALOOZA IS HERE!

What is Lollapalooza?

Lollapalooza is actually a massive music festival based in Chicago. It spans four days and is held in Chicago and music artists from around the world participate in this fest to perform, meet and enjoy with their fans While the permanent location for this festival is Chicago, the festival took a change of location and selected India for holding their 2023 edition.

On November 3, 2022; Lollapalooza announced the Lineup for the artists performing and while the lineup has talented stars like Imagine Dragons, Prateek Kuhad, DIVINE, Diplo, Madboy -Mink, and various others, what actually did not escape the sharp eyes of K-pop fans is the name of JACKSON WANG! Yes, you read it right. JACKSON WANG IS GOING TO PERFORM!😭😭😭

*hyperventilates* keep calm, keep calm KEEP CALM PEOPLE!

….……sorry about that.

Jackson’s long-lost wish

While our Wang boy has been to almost everywhere in the world, one country he hasn’t been to is India. And for a very long time, and we are talking about literally YEARS, he has wished to visit India. He has mentioned this in every life. He has been asked, “Where would you wanna go next?” or “Which country do you wish to visit the most?”. His answer has always been India.

Now his wish has finally come true. He expressed his excitement through his Instagram story.

lollapalooza jackson wang

The fans are especially excited about the performance of his latest single, “Cruel” and “Blow” his prior banger track, which has been reigning over our hearts, minds, souls, and playlists ever since it was released in March this year.

Well, the k-pop family is known to be a bit…….chaotic. So we can expect the creation of new memes, fanboying/fangirling, and metaphorical nosebleeds when Jackson goes shirtless.

jackson wang shirtless

*cough* the highlight of the event *cough*

And while the k-pop fandom is known to be cutely weird and chaotic, Jackson is the very personification of ✨E X T R A✨ (yes, the sparkles are deliberate:3)

Knowing Jackson, he would learn all the Indian slangs. And if we are lucky, the Mumbaikar slangs too. Soooooo looking forward to Jackson yelling “Kasa Kaay Mumbai!!!??” While J-Hope from BTS graced the stage of Lollapalooza 2022 with tracks from his goosebump-inducing first solo album, “Jack In The Box


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