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  • What Is PAN Card? Why Is It a Must-Have Government Document?
    In the simplest of terms, a PAN is an Indian citizen or company or organisation’s unique 10-digit alpha-numeric identification number. The Government of India assigns this number to taxpayers in India through the Income Tax Department (ITD).  The PAN Card is a physical card you can use as proof of identity and for many other … Read more
  • What Is Aadhar Card?
    Aadhar is a 12-digit unique identification number given to anyone who can prove that they are a citizen of India. Aadhar Card numbers have a unique purpose and are set on the basis of where the citizen lives and their biometric information, such as their age.   The concept of Aadhar was launched in 2010 … Read more
  • What is ePassport? All about the Government of India’s initiative
    An ePassport is a new feature introduced by the Government of India, designed to make your travel experience more hassle-free. The new biometric passports will contain an electronic chip that will contain all your personal information, such as your name, date of birth, address, and related biographic information. The chips will also contain the passport … Read more
  • What is the full form of ATM?
    ATM- Automated Teller Machine How to use an ATM machine? Other meanings ATM also means Asynchronous Transfer Mode.  It is defined as a “switching technique”, mainly used in mobile phones, that uses dynamic traffic to ensure the seamless transfer of data, video, and voice calls. All ATM data is packaged into uniform cells, which ensures that … Read more
  • What is Amar Jawan Jyoti, and is it extinguished?
    India’s Amar Jawan Jyoti, or the “Eternal flame,” was extinguished on 21 January, 2022, and merged with the National War Memorial. The Indian memorial site, constructed after the Indo-Pak war in 1971, was a tribute to the country’s fallen soldiers. What is Amar Jawan Jyoti? Inaugurated by then-Prime Minister Indira Gandhi on 26 January, 1972, … Read more
  • What is KYC?
    KYC, also known as Know Your Customer, is defined as a set of services that companies use to correctly identify their customer and ensure that all transactions related to the same are risk-free. According to the Reserve Bank of India, all financial institutions have to mandatorily carry out KYC proceedings. As per India’s Money Laundering … Read more
  • What is One Digital ID? It will link Aadhar, PAN, and Passport
    The One Digital ID, an initiative of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, will link most government digital IDs together. The IDs include your driver’s license, Aadhar card, PAN card, Passport, and more. The central ID, which will be termed as “Federated Digital Identities,” is stipulated to have a unique identity number. Through the … Read more
  • What is the full form of India?
    The word India is the name of an Asian country and does not have a full form, as it is a complete word and not a short form or acronym. While you will find many full forms on the internet for India like ‘Independent Nation Declared in August’, they are just full forms made up … Read more
  • What is e-Aadhaar? How do you download it?
    The e-Aadhaar is a digital version of the Aadhar Card. It is a password protected electronic copy and digitally signed by the required UIDAI authority. The e-Aadhaar is as valid as its physical counterpart, but its additional security is an advantage to individuals concerned about privacy. The Aadhar Card has become a valuable document for … Read more
  • What Is BIGBANG? Twitter Explodes With Memes and Wishes as K-Pop Band Set to Return
    BIGBANG is an iconic Korean boy band that played a major part in popularising K-pop across the globe. Currently, the band constitutes four members, namely T.O.P, Taeyang, G-Dragon and Daesung, with T.O.P set to leave the group. Good news and bad news for VIPs After four long years of VIPs yearning for a new song … Read more
  • K-pop Fans Celebrate ENHYPEN Leader Jungwon’s Birthday in Style; Merchandise Sold-Out Within Minutes
    Jungwon, leader of popular K-pop group ENHYPEN, celebrated his 18th birthday on February 9. Naturally, Engenes were just as ecstatic and wanted to celebrate the same occasion with style. In fact, if there was any doubts regarding just how popular Jungwon is, what fans did on his birthday should put them all to bed.  Just … Read more
  • What is the BTS x Samsung S22 collaboration? New photos featuring Jungkook takes internet by storm
    The chart-topping boy band, BTS has returned with a collaboration with Samsung, unveiling the mobile manufacturer’s new device, the Samsung Galaxy S22. On February 9, Samsung announced the Galaxy Unpacked 2022. The Galaxy S22 and the Galaxy Tab S8 are set to be launched with the unveiling. Samsung Mobile on Twitter: “Smile for #RM! Look … Read more
  • BIGBANG Once Showed Their Graciousness by Warmly Welcoming iKON to Share the Stage
    Back in 2015, at the MelOn Music Awards, fans got to witness something amazing; BIGBANG and iKON sharing the stage! 2015 was undoubtedly a big year for BIGBANG and the group swept the awards, winning the coveted ‘Artist of the Year’ award and also the ‘Song of the Year’ for “Bang Bang Bang”. While accepting … Read more
  • What is Jentle Garden? Blackpink’s Jisoo Makes Internet Laugh as She Hilariously Struggles to Unwrap Jennie’s Gift
    Jisoo, a member of K-pop group Blackpink, recently made the internet laugh its heart out after an embarrassing attempt to open a gift from Jennie.  Jisoo could be seen tugging at the gift box in an attempt to open the goodies from ‘Jentle Garden‘, a collaboration between Gentle Monster and Jennie. Jisoo was not successful at all in … Read more
  • China Unable to Resist ‘King of K-pop’ G-Dragon as BIGBANG Star Opens Doors Again
    G-Dragon has always been a popular name and face across the globe. His K-pop group BIGBANG conquered uncharted waters when they first came on to the scene before the group went on a hiatus.  The massive success of BIGBANG and G-Dragon’s many ventures into other fields like fashion made him one of the most bankable … Read more
  • What is an IPL auction? Indian Premier League 2022 bidding underway
    The pre-show for IPL 2022 has started, and players are rooting to get selected into the team of their choice. However, where they go is rarely up to them. The IPL auctions can be best described as an annual gathering where teams strive to bid for the player of their choice. This year, the IPL … Read more
  • “Exo-L are forever”- A look back at the emotional Suho goodbye as EXO leader returns after exemplary military service
    “Our guardian is back” is a phrase many are going to see on their Twitter feeds worldwide today and likely throughout the week. If you somehow do not know what that is about, you are one of a very few.  Suho, leader of K-pop group EXO, has returned after serving his mandatory military service, as … Read more
  • Jisoo Solo on the Cards? BlackPink Announces 2022 Welcome Collection
    BlackPink, the hottest K-pop girl group on the scene currently, has announced its 2022 Welcoming Collection. And suffice to say, it is just what we expect from the group- something that makes heads turn and sets the trend! Jisoo, in particular, has managed to surprise us again. Just when we thought she could not get … Read more
  • Blackpink’s Jisoo Helps Studio Record Crazy Earnings with Snowdrop
    Blackpink’s Jisoo is not only a K-pop star anymore- she’s also a successful actress now looking at just how well Snowdrop is doing. Starring Jisoo and Jung Hae-in as the leads, Snowdrop is a romantic comedy series on Disney that released recently. While it would have been surprising if the series hadn’t become a hit, … Read more
  • No BTS Performance No problem as Suga Makes History at Super Bowl LVI
    Before the recently concluded Super Bowl LVI, which the LA Rams won, news of K-pop phenomenon BTS performing was everywhere. There was an air of mystery around exactly how BTS would feature at the game. And so, many assumed it would be a performance at half time. Understandably, the excitement was fever pitch. People who’ve … Read more
  • ‘Super Bowl Full of References to BlackPink’- Blink American Journalist Makes Amusing Observation
    BlackPink may have a lot in common with the Super Bowl according to this hilarious observation made by an American tech journalist. The half time show at the Super Bowl is one of the biggest stages to perform for musicians. According to Tom Merritt, tech journalist and former CNET Executive Editor, the Super Bowl LVI … Read more
  • BLACKPINK and Jisoo have a “Superfan” in Indian actor!
    BLACKPINK has a new fan in India! Movie star Kiara Advani, in a latest Instagram post, has admitted that she is a huge fan of Jisoo. Alongside, she also revealed that she has a huge crush on Snowdrop’s heartthrob, Jung Hae-in! The video, which is in Hindi, has Advani admitting that she loves BLACKPINK, specifically … Read more
  • BTS’ Jimin Continues Rule With Unbelievable Record in Popularity
    BTS member Jimin has had a rough time recently, having had to undergo surgery for acute appendicitis. And as if that wasn’t enough, he had also contracted COVID-19. Naturally, the ARMY has been waiting with concern to hear some good news and it looks like Jimin is up and about! J-Hope granted ARMY its wish … Read more
  • ‘I Saw It’- Sunoo Delights Engenes with Praise for Polaroid Video After Release from Quarantine
    ENHYPEN’s Sunoo had recently tested positive for COVID-19 to the dismay of Engenes. But BeLift Lab has announced today that Sunoo has recovered fully and has now been released from quarantine. Sunoo did a live stream on VLIVE to interact with fans today. And of course, when Sunoo is live, Engenes are going to pour … Read more
  • BTS’ Jungkook Becomes First K-pop Idol to Achieve Amazing Feat with Stay Alive
    BTS member Jungkook has set an amazing record to add to his already impressive list of milestones. His most recent song Stay Alive, produced by fellow BTS member and music producer Suga, has been on the number spot on the iTunes Worldwide Chart for 5 straight days! This makes the youngest BTS member the first … Read more
  • K-pop Idol Once Touted as ‘Next G-Dragon’ Returns With a Bang After Fall From Grace
    Korean rapper B.I (real name Kim Han-bin) has signed a deal with renowned American agency named Wasserman. With talent that was compared to G-Dragon at one time, the sky was the limit for Kim before it all went wrong. From ‘Next G-Dragon’ to prison sentence B.I was once touted to achieve great things in K-pop, … Read more
  • BTS’ history as a celibate boy band will not end well, fans believe
    Since their debut over eight years ago, boy band BTS has strayed away from any kind of dating rumors or linkups. Though they have been targets of outrageous claims, so far, the boy band has remained allegedly “single.” Understandably, there is no way to know whether the members were dating anyone during this period, as … Read more
  • ENHYPEN Leads Way in Driving K-pop Sales and Popularity in 2022
    K-pop is showing no signs of slowing down when it comes to growing in sales and popularity. Sales are up 67% in January compared to January of last year. ENHYPEN is leading the way this time around. ENHYPEN had released ‘Dimension: Dilemma‘ in October of 2021, which surpassed 910, 000 in pre-orders before release. By … Read more
  • G-Dragon Net Worth: How Rich Is the ‘King of K-pop’ in 2022?
    K-pop has grown meteorically in the last 10 years and is now a global phenomenon. But back when a young kid named Kwon Ji-yong, known worldwide now as G-Dragon, took an interest in hip-hop, K-pop was not even close to being as popular as it is today.. Born on August 18, 1988, G-Dragon started off … Read more
  • THROWBACK: King of K-pop, G-Dragon, Loses it as BIGBANG Member Imitates Beyoncé
    When it comes to K-pop, BIGBANG is a band and a name that you simply cannot miss. And the same goes for ‘Queen Bey of Pop’, Beyoncé when it comes to R&B and pop music. Naturally, when there is a “crossover” of sorts, it is going to be intriguing. Back in 2016, when BIGBANG were … Read more
  • What is UPI? Neighbouring country adopts India’s United Payments Interface
    Nepal has become the first country in the world that will adopt India’s UPI system, setting up an alliance of trust and open communication between the two countries. The National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), on Thursday, announced that National International Payments Ltd, the international branch of the NPCI, will provide UPI services to Nepal … Read more
  • Artist Formerly Working With BTS Ready To Show Off Solo Talent
    A former songwriter for the biggest K-pop band, BTS, is soon going to make a comeback in her solo career. Adora, who first worked with BTS on the song ‘Interlude: Wings‘, will release a solo album in March. Apart from the album Wings, Adora also worked on multiple singles for BTS like ‘Not Today‘ and … Read more
  • How to add and change mobile number in Aadhaar card
    All individuals should keep the mobile number in Aadhaar card updated at all times. The Aadhaar card is a 12-digit unique identity number given to all citizens of India. Issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) the Aadhaar card contain’s the individual biometric and geographical information, including their name, address, and phone number. … Read more
  • ‘Took English Lessons’- Jimin, Suga and RM Reveal What BTS Did During Break
    BTS members Suga, Namjoon and Jimin recently did a live stream on VLive for the ARMY where they talked about quite a few different things, including their upcoming concert in Seoul. Among a slew of discussions the three had, one was about what the BTS members did during their break. And Suga, to the delight … Read more
  • How to renew your passport
    A passport has to be renewed once in every 10 years. The essential document works as a proof of age and address, and is an authentic form of ID for school and work enrollment. However, passports are majorly needed for international travel. When a person travels abroad, the document helps them get identified as a … Read more
  • ‘Record Even BTS Could Not Break’- Korean Singer Reveals Historic Feat That Eludes BTS
    When it comes to K-pop and world records, BTS is having a cakewalk and the band has been active only sine 2010. The manner in which the Korean boy band exploded on the international scene was like nothing we had seen before. With just as many as as loyal a fanbase across the planet, it … Read more
  • ‘Love Him’- 14-Time Grammy Nominee and Oscar Winning Musician Excited to Meet BTS’ V
    Musicians all around the world want to collaborate with the biggest band in the world right now. This is understandable given just how extensive BTS’ reach is now on the global front. And while the ARMY is waiting for BTS to get what the band deserves at the upcoming Grammy Awards, a 14-time Grammy Award … Read more
  • BlackPink Member Rosé Sets Instagram Ablaze With Ravishing New Images
    BlackPink member Rosé has posted a few images on her Instagram account that will leave you swooning over her for a few hours. Her ravishing look is sure to add more members to the already strong Blinks. The post had over a million likes just over an hour after the BlackPink member posted it. Now … Read more
  • How to apply for a Passport?
    With the rapidly increasing digitization of document facilities and the creation of online portals, applying and obtaining a passport has become a much simpler process than it initially was. Similarly, applying for a passport has become easier as well. Passport Seva is the official website for all queries, applications and processes, and you can apply … Read more
  • RM Cracks Up as BTS’ J-Hope, Jungkook and Jin Accept Award and Thank ARMY in English
    BTS has beaten superstars Drake, Taylor Swift and Adele to win the ‘Global Recording Artists of the Year’ for 2021. This marks the second consecutive time the K-pop band has managed to take home the title. BTS had no competition when it came to sales, streams and downloads of their songs and albums which was … Read more
  • “Our Dorm Feels Like..”- Ni-ki Reveals Fun and Personal Details About Life With ENHYPEN
    Enhypen’s maknae, Ni-ki, did a livestream on VLive today to interact with Engenes. Over the course of the livestream, Ni-ki answered a few question the fans had and also revealed some interesting details about himself and his life with other Enhypen members. Ni-ki reveals interesting facts about life with ENHYPEN One of the most interesting … Read more
  • “The Hyungs Might Scold Me”- Did Ni-ki Hint at a New Dance Jam?
    ENHYPEN’s beloved maknae Ni-ki went live yesterday to chat with his fans, fondly called as Engenes, and the whole live was filled with cute interactions, with him answering questions and giving updates about the band’s recent activities and their lives. During the course of the livestream, while talking about his and Enhypen’s activities, he may have … Read more
  • ADORABLE! Watch Jisoo Strike a Pose and Punch Manager as She Heads to Paris Fashion Week
    BlackPink’s Jisoo today made her way to Paris to attend the Paris Fashion Week as the global ambassador for luxury fashion brand Dior. As always, Kim looked drop dead gorgeous in a subtle yet beautiful attire and a new look! Jisoo showed off her new hair as she made her way to the airport to … Read more
  • BLACKPINK updates: Jisoo spotted with a new hairstyle and Rose tests positive for COVID-19!
    There has been a lot going on in the BLACKPINK universe lately. Jisoo lived up to her name of the group’s visual yet again in her new look at the airport. The idol was on her way to the Paris Fashion Week, when the paparazzi were treated with Jisoo’s new hairstyle, with black and silver … Read more
  • BTS Permission To Dance Concert: Everything You Need To know
    One of the most awaited events by ARMYs, BTS Permission to Dance, is finally approaching close, and it’s safe to say, It would be a vision to behold. BTS is scheduled to hold a concert for their beloved fans at Seoul, and the fandom is hardly containing its excitement. Besides being an in-person concert, it … Read more
  • BTS Permission To Dance Concert: Everything You Need To Know
    One of the most awaited events by ARMY is finally approaching close and it’s safe to say, It would be a vision to behold. BTS Permission to Dance is scheduled to hold a concert for their beloved fans at Seoul, and the fandom is hardly containing its excitement. Besides being an in-person concert, it will … Read more
  • SUGA Discusses BTS’ Concert in his Live, Gives Updates on his Haircut!
    Yoongi, better known as his stage name SUGA, surprised the ARMY by doing a live interactive session on VLIVE and the fans were overwhelmed. The questions started pouring in and Suga, the sweetheart he is, tried to answer most of them, which spanned from topics such as their recent song, “Stay Alive” and the upcoming … Read more
  • ‘Jisoo, Jisoo!’- Crazy Reception for BlackPink Member at Paris Fashion Week Will Leave You Amazed
    Just a couple of days back, Jisoo of BlackPink made quite the stir when she showed of her new look for the Paris Fashion Week. But if her send off from Korea was frantic and crazy, the reception fans gave her when she arrived at the event was just as crazy, if not crazier. As … Read more
  • Jisoo or Rihanna? Who Got a Bigger Reception at the Paris Fashion Week 2022?
    The Paris Fashion Week is underway and stars and celebrities from across the world have arrived in France for the glamourous event. BlackPink’s Jisoo made quite the stir when she arrived at the Dior Winter Collection event, sending fans into a tizzy. Among various other celebrities, American artist Rihanna too was spotted at the event. … Read more
  • Polaroid Love: Different Ways, Same Love, Through the Eyes of an Engene
    Enhypen released their song, “Polaroid Love”, which has been making rounds on the social media for quite some time. The song, with its catchy tunes and heartwarming lyrics, have been capturing hearts of even non-fans. The song is from their latest album “DIMENSION: ANSWER”. The band’s fanbase has been increasing consistently since their debut two … Read more
  • What Would the 7 BTS Member Say To Their Date After a Romantic Night Out?
    The BTS we know right now are charming, confident and every girl’s dream men, but the debut Bangtan was more cuter than the manly hunks we see them as now! One interview had the band do a fun activity which made the fans not only laugh but go “Awwwwww” hearing their responses. BTS, in their … Read more
  • “Don’t Tell Anybody”- Suga Reveals “Secret” About Concert and His Routine for Flawless Skin
    As has become a tradition, BTS member Suga did a livestream on Vlive to interact with ARMY. Among the many questions and queries, many fans also asked him Yoongi about one of his most amazing features…his skin! Min Yoongi, a.k.a Suga from BTS has always been known for his powerful and fierce rapping skills. But … Read more
  • Top 10 most handsome Kpop idols
    Koreans are genetically blessed with beautiful and defined features. But Kpop idols have it all. The men have diverse looks, ranging from cute and shy, handsome and confident, to rough and sexy. Some have perfect skin, some have perfect eyes, some have a megawatt smile, and some have perfect personalities. Korean heartthrobs are the complete … Read more
  • “I’m Incapable…”- Adorable Reason Why BlackPink’s Jisoo Is Terrible at Among Us
    BlackPink member Kim Ji-soo, better known worldwide as simply Jisoo, recently did a photoshoot and interview with fashion publication Vogue that had her reveal details about her life away from music and fashion. Discussing her personality and her personal growth over the years, Jisoo touched upon a game she tried recently named Among Us. She … Read more
  • Act of Concern by Jimin Leaves ARMY in Tears of Love
    BTS’ much awaited concert concluded as a breeze and ARMYs are overwhelmed with emotions, seeing their much adored members’ perform live and have fun after such a long time. One of the things BTS is known for is the love they have for ARMYs and it’s reflected in their gestures, especially Jimin’s. Why Jimin is … Read more
  • RM goes on a quest for Pokemon bread…on his mighty bicycle
    The recent trend of the famous Pokemon bread has been going viral as several k-pop idols rave about it. One such idol is our lovely hyung, RM of BTS. Anyone would feel surprised that the leader of the world’s biggest boy band would go to EIGHT STORES, playfully accepting that he “raided” them for pokemon … Read more
  • BlackPink Rose ‘Immensely Grateful’ to Fans for Success of Debut Solo Album
    BlackPink Rose had released her solo album last year, -R-, which was a massive success. Not only did the album show fans a different side of the K-pop idol, but it also broke many records. And to commemorate the one year anniversary of releasing her debut solo album, Rosé posted a lovely message on her … Read more
  • Did G-Dragon Predict Seungri’s Departure from BIGBANG?
    G-Dragon, one of the biggest stars of K-pop, could have predicted the departure of his teammate Seungri in a 2017 video. “Thank you for your support although we are only 4.” The video, which was shot in 2017, was titled “BIGBANG 2017 Welcome Collection.” In the video, the members of BIGBANG had to write a … Read more
  • “Watching Us Crying”- Fans Panic and Mourn as Jungkook’s Iconic Instagram Username Vanishes
    Since BTS joined Instagram, their usernames have been the talk of the fandom for a long time. Jungkook had a unique username, and the ARMY loved the creativity behind the choice of his Instagram handles. But the most quirkiest of them was of BTS’ maknae, Jungkook. His username, “acbcdefghi__lmnopqrstuvwxyz“, was significant and funny since the … Read more
  • TXT’s Yeonjun Pays Tribute to BTS and Jungkook in His Own Unique Manner
    The hyung of TXT, Yeonjun recently went live on a personal dance jam and MOAs had the pleasure of seeing their favorite dancer jamming and dancing to their seonbae, Jungkook’s song and has both ARMY and MOA in a frenzy. Choi Yeonjun, or better known by his stage name Yeonjun, is famous for for being … Read more
    Recently, while answering ARMY’s questions on Weverse, V revealed that he is going to release KTH1 this year and is looking forward to ARMY listening to it. One of the highly anticipated news from Taehyung aka V was about his mix tape and finally, there is some good news! During his interview with “Weverse “BE: … Read more
  • Wedding Bells for Yoongi? Jungkook Faces Awkward Fan Interactions
    Jungkook of BTS called out Yoongi in an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Instagram, as he had some fun answering questions ranging from sincere to hilarious. One of the questions had Jungkook recalling a long-running joke regarding Suga. Jungkook plays along with Yoongi.. Many of the fans left comments adoring the BTS member but one … Read more
  • Will Jin Miss Upcoming Grammy and PTD Events as He Skips BTS Livestream Due to Surgery?
    BTS member Jin has undergone surgery on his index finger after having injured it. BigHit Music released an official statement on March 19, 2022 informing AMRYs of the development. Jin injured his finger while doing some daily activities and rushed to a nearby hospital to get medical attention. The doctors there informed Jin that he … Read more
  • What Does BTS Mean When They Ask for Ramyeon and Cats?
    BTS‘ vlive livestream today was quite entertaining for a variety of reasons. From Jin’s unavailability to Jungkook’s wardrobe malfunction, the boy band discovered it all. But one topic of conversation stood out from the rest. EVERYONEEEEEEEEEE All translation credits to the respective owners. BTS, Ramyeon, and Cats. A topic enough to make push the ARMY … Read more
  • 4 Times BTS Jungkook’s Tempting Wardrobe Malfunctions Left Fans Gasping
    BTS members Jungkook, V, J-Hope, RM, Jin and Yoongi did a livestream on VLIVE in March of 2022 where they talked and goofed around about pretty much everything. But the most discussed topic, apart from Jungkook’s Instagram Q&A, was his famous wardrobe malfunction at the band’s most recent concert. And things got pretty interesting. Here … Read more
  • Jungkook Mimicking Taehyung Will Have You in Splits: ‘Clowning His Hyungs…’
    Jungkook and RM mimicking Taehyung during the livestream is the best thing you’ll see today! It was quite a roller-coaster day for ARMY with Jin undergoing a surgery (he’s back home and recuperating, don’t worry!) But BTS going live on Vlive cheered the ARMY up! Jungkook spot on with funny imitation During the livestream, Jungkook, … Read more
  • What is The Magical Story? ENHYPEN and Stray Kids to Perform at K-pop Music Festival!
    K-pop fans, buckle your belts! Korean music festival The Magical Story is back this year with another amazing lineup, and this time, the star-studded lineup will include ENHYPEN and Stray Kids as well! BTS and BLACKPINK rule the world of K-pop. However, slowly yet steadily, ENHYPEN and Stray Kids have started catching up to the … Read more
  • Who Wore It Best: Blackpink Lalisa, Selena Gomez or Priyanka Chopra?
    Italian luxury brand Bulgari has found its perfect fit in Blackpink’s Lalisa. When a luxury brand that makes beautiful jewelry like Bulgari wants to appoint a brand ambassador, they have to get the perfect match. Somebody who can shine as bright as the diamonds they wear. Not only does Lisa have the grace and elegance … Read more
  • Has BLACKPINK Comeback Date Been Confirmed by Universal Music?
    Recently, Universal Music’s Official Instagram posted some photos of BLACKPINK in a bright and flower-filled background, which has fans speculating if this is a sign of a comeback by the beautiful girl band. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Universal Music Group (@universalmusicgroup) The post was a compilation of the girls’ pictures … Read more
  • Blackpink Eclipses BTS, Justin Bieber to Reach Massive Milestone in Global Appeal
    K-pop band Blackpink is often considered a pioneer in making K-pop a global phenomenon. Whether they are the pioneers or not is a debate for another day but what we simply cannot deny anymore is just how popular and loved BP is across the globe. Blackpink’s channel recently surpassed 73 million subscribers on YouTube, which … Read more
  • What Is a Polymath? Jungkook Called “Young Genuis Polymath” By Rolling Stone
    Rolling Stones recently named Jungkook as “The Young Genius Polymath” in its article about best 100 songs by BTS. They traced the consistent success of “Dynamite,” which was ranked 46th in the list, and mentioned how Jungkook plays an important part in showing how talented idols are. It was also mentioned in the article that … Read more
  • What Do BTS Nicknames Mean?
    There are several cute BTS nicknames. Loving a celebrity is tough, since the relationship is parasocial in nature. However, BTS is among the most loved boy group in the world because they love their ARMY dearly. This is reflected how they call each other too. Here are some nicknames that both Bangtan and ARMY call … Read more
  • How to apply for a PAN Card offline?
    A PAN card or Permanent Account Number is essential for the citizens of India. It is a unique 10-digit alphanumeric value that lets the Government identify taxpayers and link all tax-related data into a single document. A PAN Card contains the PAN number, name, and address of the cardholder. However, it is not usually used … Read more
  • How to Apply for a PAN card Online
    A PAN Card is a method through which the Government of India identifies the taxpayers of the country. A PAN is an electronic number that links the individual to their PAN card number, and the physical card is proof of the same. There are two ways to apply for a PAN card, both online and … Read more
  • All 7 BTS Members Birthdays and Their Zodiac Signs
    People’s birthdays tell us their zodiac signs, and these signs tell us about their personalities. Similarly, BTS members birthdays and zodiac signs tell us a lot about their personality. Here’s a look at the birthdays of our favorite band members, and how their zodiac sign affects them! When should you celebrate BTS members birthdays? RM … Read more
  • All 4 Blackpink Members Birthdays and Their Zodiac Signs
    Blackpink, has constantly been making headlines, whether it be for their social appearances or collaborations. Blackpink members birthdays are momentous occasions, since they are the most loved girl group with an ever-increasing fandom, called BLINKS. If you are new to the BLINK fandom and want to know when to know more about Blackpink members birthdays, … Read more
  • All 7 ENHYPEN Members Birthdays and Their Zodiac Signs
    HYBE’s latest boy group ENHYPEN has been slaying hearts ever since they entered the kpop industry. ENHYPEN members birthdays are still relatively unknown, as the group is still new, but they certainly are one of the most popular 4th generation groups. Besides their impeccable talent, the seven boys of the band are known to have … Read more
  • All Stunning BlackPink Jennie Hairstyles Throughout the Years
    BlackPink‘s powerful rapper Jennie recently posted a thread of photos on her Instagram sporting orange hair, and fans can’t keep calm. Jennie hairstyles have often been changing throughout the years, so her new hair comes as a surprise. The rapper’s new look has fans wondering whether BLACKPINK is preparing for their new comeback, or does … Read more
  • BTS Members Age: Birthday Dates, Height, Scars and Other Defining Features
    Idols’ height and age play an important role in their persona and stage appearance. Naturally, the curiosity around BTS members’ age and height is massive given their popularity. In fact, reports say that even when recruiting, the company looked for specific attributes in the people they auditioned. BTS members age, however, is a much more … Read more
  • All 7 ENHYPEN Members Age, Height, and Other Defining Features
    HYBE labels’ most recent boy band, ENHYPEN, has been creating a big stir in the K-pop industry. Since their debut, ENHYPEN members age and looks have been a hot topic of discussion, as they have been slowly rising in popularity not only due to their talent and skills but also their physical features. Though all … Read more
  • What Is Coachella? Surprise 2NE1 Reunion Dazzles Fans at Music Festival
    Fans who had long lost hope of seeing 2NE1 perform ever again were left speechless when the K-pop band surprised everyone with a performance at Coachella 2022. What wasn’t surprising was the hit song the band performed, ‘I Am the Best‘. Sadly, it was the only song they performed but fans won’t care as long … Read more
  • What is the Firefly Music Festival? Green Day and Dua Lipa to Rock It Out in 2022
    The Firefly Music Festival is set to take place this year between September 22, 2022, to September 25, 2022, at the Woodlands of Dover Motor Speedway. The festival, which was canceled in 2020 because of the pandemic, returned with a bang in September 2021 with a star-studded lineup with names like Tame the Impala, Lizzo, … Read more
  • What is the Theme of Met Gala 2022? Exploring the History of the Fabulous Event
    The Met Gala has been one of the most anticipated event in the year, not only by global celebrities but also the entire world. The themes, style and the charm of the star-studded evening is the highlight is the year. Due to the pandemic, the event had encountered many obstacles, being canceled in 2020 and … Read more
  • What is Dark Moon? Everything you should know about the enthralling ENHYPEN Webtoon
    HYBE Labels recently collaborated with popular Korean platform WEBTOON for fictionalized stories with BTS, TXT and ENHYPEN. The ENHYPEN Webtoon Dark Moon has been released on the platform and it. is. so. BEAUTIFUL! The Webtoon’s named Dark Moon: The Blood Altar, where the seven idols of the group have been adapted into the fictional world … Read more
  • What is FOTG in K-pop?
    There are various designated positions in a k-pop group like Dancer, Vocal or Visual but there is still one unofficial position which is also important. That is the “Face Of The Group.” The position of FOTG is actually an unofficial position which is given to the idols who are representatives of the group. It is … Read more
  • What is MANIAC? The Much-Awaited STRAY KIDS World Tour is Here!
    The day all the STRAY KIDS fans were waiting for is finally here! The long-awaited second world tour of STRAY KIDS, called MANIAC, is finally here, and we. Can’t. Keep. Calm! If you are still not up to date with their world tour, here is all that you need to know. JYP Entertainment announced on … Read more
  • Top 10 funniest Enhypen moments from EN-O’CLOCK that ENGENEs can’t forget
    EN-O’CLOCK is a variety show for ENHYPEN where the members do various fun activities and play games, basically being themselves and enjoying light moments. Naturally, this results in many funny moments which makes it tough for ENGENES to laugh their heads off. Here are some of the moments to give you a small trailer of … Read more
  • Jisoo Has Had the Most Vivid Hair Colors Throughout Blackpink History
    Blackpink is known for dabbling in various kinds of hair colors and has never disappointed in surprising fans with their beautiful looks. However, Jisoo tops the list when it comes to have the most vibrant hair color history. From black to vivid pink and colorful highlights, she never shies away from experimenting with her looks. … Read more
  • What is the Black Ocean in K-pop? 3 Fearsome Instances Featuring BTS, Seventeen and Twice
    K-pop has various things which makes it different from other music industries. Not only is the music different, but the people involved in it are too. Consequently, the way K-pop fans show their love is different too. In contrast, fans also have a grave method of doing the opposite; a phenomenon called ‘black ocean’. The … Read more
  • What is RUN BTS? 5 Betrayals that Have Tested the Fabric of the Band
    BTS is as chaotic as they are professional. We can actually see two personas of them, on and off stage. And the second one, the real and the chaotic BTS, is the most evident in their show Run BTS. What is Run BTS? Run BTS is a variety show in which BTS does various activities … Read more
  • Top 10 amazing Enhypen dances to make you groove to their beats
    K-pop music is known for its fusion of beautiful songs and delicately designed choreography which is different from every style of dance. The recent pioneers of the 4th gen K-pop dance are Enhypen who have been surprising us with their uniquely conceptualized dance routines. The boy band’s tracks are chest-thumpingly good, with melodies fused perfectly … Read more
  • 10 Female Kpop Idols Who Are Ethereal Beauties
    We can all agree that Korean women are literally so beautiful that anyone would stop and look back for another glance at them. Female kpop idols can pull off cute and ravishing so effortlessly that it makes us wonder, are they even real? The K-pop world is filled with ravishing beauties who never fail to … Read more
  • What is Jentle Garden? Jisoo and Jennie make the internet laugh out loud
    Jisoo, one of four members of K-pop group Blackpink, recently made the internet laugh its heart out after an embarrassing attempt to open a gift from bandmate Jennie.  Jisoo could be seen tugging at the gift box in an attempt to open the goodies from ‘Jentle Garden’, a new collection from a collaborative effort between … Read more
  • Blackpink to join exclusive Beyoncé and Spice Girls group with amazing milestone
    Blackpink is one of those rare bands that can go on a long hiatus and still manage to keep its charm and fanbase intact. Having been on hiatus since October of 2020 when they released Lovesick Girls, Blackpink is set to make its comeback with a bang. ‘Blackpink is Coming’ started trending across the globe … Read more
  • What is Be the Sun? Fans Ecstatic as SEVENTEEN World Tour 2022 Adds More Dates
    After the release of their album FACE THE SUN, 13-member K-pop group SEVENTEEN announced their upcoming world tour, titled BE THE SUN. The tour is slated to start on June 25, when SEVENTEEN will perform two concerts at the Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul. On May 17, the group’s agency, Pledis Entertainment, announced the BE … Read more
  • 7 Awesome Sunoo Hairstyles That Will Take Your Breath Away
    Sunoo is known for his vivacious sense of humor and a smile so cute that it can literally melt the entire Antartica Continent. However, Sunoo hairstyles have found a fanbase of their own. Here we are with the history of his beautiful hair experiments, from his pre-debut era to the present day. All Sunoo hairstyles … Read more
  • Analyzing Over 10 Bombastic BlackPink Lisa Hairstyles Through the Eras
    BlackPink Lisa is the female dancing machine of k-pop. For Lisa hairstyle is the most important part of her job since she is the dance captain and the fiercest rapper of the group. And hence, she experiments with her hair colors while maintaining her signature bangs. In this article, we take a look at the … Read more
  • 7 Amazing Niki Hairstyles, the Golden Maknae of ENHYPEN
    Being one of the youngest idols to ever debut in Kpop, Nishimura Niki has been stealing hearts since he took part in the survival show I-Land. Niki hairstyles have always been the talk of the town alongside his dancing skills in ENHYPEN, and his visuals. So here we are, tracing NI-KI’s hair choices over the … Read more
  • What is BTS Radio: Past and Present? Members of the Group Reveal Their Favorite Songs
    Global K-pop sensation BTS is all set to celebrate their 9th debut anniversary with their beloved fans called ARMY through a three-episode radio show on Apple Music 1 called BTS Radio: Past & Present. As the name suggests, the radio show throws light on the journey of BTS since their struggling days to stardom. The … Read more
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    This year’s BTS FESTA, especially the dinner, was emotional for not only BTS but for the ARMYs as well. While it has been a long time of nine years for the group, who were endlessly working towards their goal, they opened up about their struggles in the FESTA Dinner. The past dinners on their annual … Read more

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