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The Hair Evolution of Sunghoon, ENHYPEN’s Fiery Ice Prince

Sunghoon, a talented figure skater and now a wonderful K-pop idol with ENHYPEN, has been the topic of awe-inspiring conversations since his I-LAND days. And here we are now with Sunghoon’s hair evolution, which will make your heart go into overdrive.

Enhypen sunghoon
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ENHYPEN Sunghoon’s hairstyles throughout the eras

1. Pre – Debut/ I-LAND Era

Already famous for his figure skating skills, the brilliant Sunghoon came to I-Land with the ambition and objective of surviving the competition and becoming an idol.

While his visuals became the talk of the town, his hair was one feature which contributed to his “boy next door” image. His pale, beautiful skin paired with raven-black hair had never made a contrast look so beautiful.

2. Debut Era

The Ice Prince continued with his natural black hair from I-Land. His hair at the time, soft and almost perfect, went perfectly well with the concept of their mini-album at the time of ENHYPEN’s debut. The ENGENES can attest this to fact, as his costume worked well in tandem with his hair just as wonderfully as the white shirt costume. All in all, he looked like the perfect vampire in the video, stealing metaphorical blood and our real hearts. .

3. “Drunk-Dazed” Era

While most of the group members went for black hair, Sunghoon chose to stand out from the crowd and dyed his hair a tone lighter; a dark chocolate brown. The color suited him just as beautifully as the black did, thanks to his pale ivory skin. One more plus point? He looked like the Korean Edward Cullen.

4. “Tamed-Dashed” Era

In this era, Sunghoon switched back to his natural hair color, black, once again. This change, even though really subtle, was welcomed by the ENGENEs as the black-haired version of the idol reminded fans of his pre-debut and debut era, which had a nostalgic sentiment to it.

5. “Blessed-Cursed” Era

The blessed-cursed era saw a seismic shift in the idol’s choice as he went into a different direction altogether. He opted to have a blonde hairstyle in this era, choosing a sandy tone with a small tint of green to it.

The Ice Prince rocked this color like any other in the past, and it looked particularly well put along with his blue costume.

6. “Tamed-Dashed” Japanese Version Era

This era’s hairstyle was like a dream come true for the fandom. While he was often referred to as the Ace of figure skating, his silver hair made his nickname “Ice Prince” ever so apt and fitting with his majestic silver hair.

With black hair, he looked like the legendary figure skater Yuzuru Hanyu; the silver hair made him look like the real-life version of Jack Frost, the literal Ice Prince, or rather, the ethereal Ice King.

7. “DFESTA” Era

Sticking to the blonde tones, the idol opted for the subtle yet beautiful Rose Gold color, which made him look like a lead straight out of a Webtoon.

The color made him look playful, funny, and of course, handsome, suiting him so well that even today, it is one of the best looks that he has ever had.

8. Present

Moving back to the darker tones of the color palette, Sunghoon has now chosen the beautiful brown to adorn his majestic hair.

This time around, he has gone for a wonderful milk chocolate brown. The hair, along with his white suit, gives him a different class of elegant look; something he pulls off with ease.

The idol never fails to mesmerize us with his hair color and the beauty they carry, and fans are eager to see his future experiments with his choice for hair colors.

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