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G-Dragon Net Worth: How Rich Is the ‘King of K-pop’ in 2022?

K-pop has grown meteorically in the last 10 years and is now a global phenomenon. But back when a young kid named Kwon Ji-yong, known worldwide now as G-Dragon, took an interest in hip-hop, K-pop was not even close to being as popular as it is today..

Born on August 18, 1988, G-Dragon started off at the age of six. Since then, he has gone beyond making just a successful career in K-pop; he has become the ‘King of K-pop‘.

He first broke onto the scene as the leader of BIGBANG, a band that was bigger than all K-pop bands before them.

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Many idols today will promptly say G-Dragon when asked about their inspiration. Many have even dubbed him as the ‘Idol of Idols’.

It is easy to understand why he is held in such regard, not just in Korea, but across the globe. G-Dragon is someone who breaks the norms and the mould and he has made a fortune from it.

Even back when it was far from common practice for K-pop groups to write their own songs, Bigbang was certainly doing exactly that. The King was very much writing most of the songs and he was rightfully proud of it.

G-Dragon is not just a singer or rapper, he is also a music producer, song writer, actor, a fashion icon and a philanthropist.

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G-Dragon net worth in 2022

G-Dragon’s net worth is reportedly between $35-$55 million in 2022.

The rapper has made his wealth from writing and producing songs and also via huge brand endorsements among other avenues of income.

Unlike a majority of K-pop bands, BIGBANG wrote their own songs; something G-Dragon himself once confessed during an interview on JTBC.

He reportedly has around 173 songs copyrighted under his name.

He reportedly earned around $1.1 million from copyrights in the year 2018. His band BIGBANG was also number 23 on Forbes’ list of highest earning musicians in the world in 2014, having made a cool $44 million that year.

Apart from his music, G-Dragon also has his own clothing brand named peaceminusone.

Another thing that points towards just how rich and influential G-Dragon is, is the ‘Black Card‘ he possess.

A Black Card reportedly has no limit on spending and is given only to a few prestigious people. Only 0.05% of the Korean population has their hands on this card.

How does G-Dragon spend his money?

With such immense wealth that he has garnered over his illustrious career, it should come as no surprise that Ji-yong has invested in a lot of business ventures and owns quite an amazing roster of real estate properties in Korea.

His luxurious lifestyle can be best represented through his car collection. From limited edition Bentleys to Lamborghinis, G-Dragon is clearly a massive fan of fancy cars. And when you are as wealthy as a king and a fan of fancy cars, you’re going to buy a Rolls-Royce too, costing over $600,000.

Being a fashion icon across the globe, Jiyong is always on the lookout for limited edition wearable items. One among many of them would be a watch by Richard Mille which set him back by almost half a million dollars!

Apart from his many properties, cars and luxury items, G-Dragon also appreciates art and is an ardent collector. From a rare chess set priced over $100,000 to a Richard Prince painting that probably cost over $3 million, you can bet your life the King has a mouth-watering pieces of art we don’t even know about.

All in all, G-Dragon is a wealthy man with luxurious taste and he could very well be much wealthier than what the public knows. But now, at least we have an idea.

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