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Top 5 instances when ENHYPEN bedazzled the people in award ceremonies with their visuals in the best way

ENHYPEN is a group that has quickly risen to fame and has been loved by people worldwide. But their visuals are no joke too. Deemed one of the most handsome 4th Gen k-pop groups, it was pretty obvious that they would put their best foot forward for the world. Of course, huge credit for enhancing their beauty goes to their stylists, who choose the best outfits for them. These stylists work so hard to make the seven boys look their best, especially during award ceremonies. The people attending need to look their best selves and the band has accomplished this goal gracefully. Their outfits, makeup, hair, and them as a whole, have made lasting impressions on not only the people present there but also the people who would see them through photos clicked by the photographers present in the ceremonies.

Thus, we have compiled a list of the top 5 times the stylists outdid themselves and gave us the most iconic ENHYPEN looks ever.

5. Red Carpet Debut at 2020 Mnet Asian Music Awards

In their first award show appearance, the seven boys surprised the audience and the paparazzi with their sleek suits. While the colors of the suit differed from member to member, they maintained a theme of blue and gray tones. Keeping their hair colors, the suit styles were selected to complement them and their purpose was served perfectly. They made a smashing debut at the Red Carpet.

4. 2021 MelOn Music awards

Doing a 180-degree change from their debut appearance in dark, dashing suits; ENHYPEN went for white suits in the 2021 MelOn Music Awards. The award ceremony was really auspicious for them as they won an award(find the name) that night, making them look like princes, holding their war trophies. Looking literally out of Disney movies, the internet and the people present there had been blessed by the 7 ENHYPEN princes.

3. 2021 Asia Artist Awards

Taking a jump to the opposite side of the spectrum again, ENHYPEN went for darker gem tones for their appearance in the 2021 Asia Artist Awards. Clad in black and ruby colors, the seven boys looked so dapper and handsome in their outfits that it made us SWOON. Hence, we can say that if they looked like Disney Princes in white, they looked like the royal vampires from The Vampire Diaries or Twilight Saga. These outfits served as visual representations for many fanfics on Wattpad 🤭

2. The Music Bank Awards (2021)

ENHYPEN has always adorned suits when it comes to their award show appearances. They made a change this time with their denim looks. Every member of the band paired the rest of their outfit with a denim piece of clothing. Thus, this theme of their clothing stood out the most.

1. 2021 The Fact Music Awards (all black outfits)

We saved the grandest for the last. In the 2021 The Fact Music Awards, ENHYPEN made an all-kill with their all-black outfits. Almost every item they wore was of black color; the pants, the suits, even the ties, except the shirts. Three of the members, Jungwon, Ni-ki, and Sunoo, had white shirts on while Jay, Jake, Heeseung, and Sunghoon rocked black shirts. They looked straight out of a mafia/rich CEO book and the fans went INSANE. This shook every ENGENE’s world with these fits and hence, still stays fresh in their memory, resulting in it being one of the fans’ favorites.

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Which outfit did you like of the talented ENHYPEN? Come on, don’t be shy, drop in your choice in the comments below 😏

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