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Who is the visual of ENHYPEN?

One of the youngest debutantes in k-pop, ENHYPEN, is known for its versatility. But one thing it excels at the most is its beautiful looks. Especially three members, Sunghoon, Sunoo, and the leader Jungwon, possess such beauty that it etches itself in our memories forever.

enhypen visual line
From left to right: Sunoo, Jungwon and Sunghoon

Though almost every k-pop group has an official visual line, Enhypen is one of those groups that do not have official positions. Hence, everyone is visual. It’s just that the fans make these position lines based on their opinions and hence, the unofficial visual line is here:


The leader of the group, Jungwon, is blessed with feline eyes which help to enhance his beauty and give him an edge when it comes to dark concepts. The intensity of his gaze is so beautiful that it literally takes our breaths away. Along with that, he has a facial structure that makes him stand out as intimidatingly pretty, like a fluffy and lovable bad boy.

But his cuteness is on another level because when he smiles, he looks like a squishy boy. LITERALLY SO CUTEE.


Dubbed the “Ice Prince”, Sunghoon possesses a grace like no other. Being a former professional figure skater, he looks almost ethereal when it comes to movements. Even a casual flick of a hand is elegant. But the fandom lost their mind when it came to him changing his hair colors, especially his donning the silver hair. He looks like Jack Frost and with his history with ice, he might as well be the Korean Jack Frost, but as Jack Frost, the King of Winter.

But his smile and eye smile has the capacity to melt a person with a heart like the Antarctic Ice. The little mole on his nose enhances his beauty and at the same time, makes us believe that he is in fact, real.


Known for his lively personality, Sunoo has a duality in his visuals like no other. On one hand, he is so cute and adorable with his smile and eyes that turn into crescents of the moon when he smiles and fluffy bread cheeks.

On the other hand, his intense fox-like eyes and fierce expression make him look edgy and beautifully dangerous. Due to this, he is often called a real-life Anime/Webtoon character. And honestly, we SO agree.

While all their features are different in their own way, it makes them stand out even more than individual idols. Their visual prowess, when bought together, is formidable. It is also a wonder because we and the ENGENES have seen them grow up, from boys with soft, babyish features to sharp, defining features of a man. They are truly well-deserved for their title of the “Visual Line” of ENHYPEN.

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