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ENHYPEN TikTok trends that will make you feel a spectrum of “the feels”

K-pop groups have always tied and even made new trends on the social media platform, TikTok and have gone viral in literally hours. The 4th Gen Super group, ENHYPEN, is not far behind. Since their debut, they have been making headlines on not only the news but also on our “For You” feeds across various social media platforms. While most of their content is related to their discography, some of them have a dash of cuteness and the ✨spice✨ of humor. Thus, to bless you, we have a small compilation of ENHYPEN’s……….colorful tiktoks👀

5. Niki’s “The day that I met you” dance

enhypen niki

We know ENHYPEN for being one of the most handsome idols in k-pop. So being around them is bound to make you flustered. Especially their youngest member, Ni-Ki, is continuing the legacy of the hottest maknaes of HYBE Labels. Hence, getting nervous around his obvious. Even his fellow members can’t resist his charms and the dame is evident when Ni-Ki did the “The Day that I Met You” challenge on TikTok.

The members’ expression, them keeping themselves from laughing and blushing, is so adorable that you can’t help but get shy too. He absolutely SLAYED it.

4. Get Sunghoon-ed

One of the most random yet funniest trends made by ENHYEPN is probably Sunghoon’s TikTok. His dance quickly went viral through the platform for bamboozling the watchers. What happens is, you are watching a video, completely oblivious, in complete bliss, but then, out of NOWHERE, Sunghoon The Cutie comes in and shimmies with his hands covering his face, being the perfect hot cutie. Basically, if you are surprised, you are SUNGHOON-ED!

3. “Fever” Trend

One of ENHYPEN’s banger albums is “BORDER: CARNIVAL“. Filled with hit tracks, the album has been in our playlist constantly since its release. While all the songs are loved equally, “FEVER’ has a special place in every ENGENE’s heart. This is one of those B-side tracks that is loved even more than the titular song (Sorry, “Drunk-Dazed). The choreography is still the talk of the k-town, and hence, it took absolutely no time for it to reign the TikTok feeds around the globe. Thus, “Fever Dance trend” came into existence.

*aggressively tries to learn the routine*

2. Polaroid Love

If you are into adorable and feel-good songs, you might have definitely swayed to the tunes of ENHYPEN’s beautiful song, “Polaroid Love”. Cute and heartwarming, this dance trend was started by Content creator Reiner Acuario (@reeeiner on TikTok) and this dance routine spread like wildfire across TikTok. Hence, the “Polaroid Love” became one of the most famous trends of ENHYPEN. A perfect song justified by the perfect fan with a perfect dance. We only have one word for this trend, CUTE!😭

1. The whole TikTok dance video from Cosmopolitan

Probably one of those challenges which could be told as the “whole package”. Cosmopolitan had ENHYPEN dance to various viral dance challenges and oh boy, did they NAIL IT. From funny to hot, they did it all, again proving that they have versatility like no other. Every member tried to imitate all the famous dance challenges, and while it took some time for them to get the hang of it, they eventually succeeded in getting the rhythm and steps right. Hence, they proved yet again why they are called one of the best dancers of the 4th Generation K-pop.

ENHYPEN has a hold over all the social media platforms through their music and dance, but the TikTok audience has a special place in the band’s heart. They get to be their most chaotic and funny selves and from the looks of it; they enjoy it. Very Much.

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