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All 7 ENHYPEN Members Age, Height, and Other Defining Features

HYBE labels’ most recent boy band, ENHYPEN, has been creating a big stir in the K-pop industry. Since their debut, ENHYPEN members age and looks have been a hot topic of discussion, as they have been slowly rising in popularity not only due to their talent and skills but also their physical features.

Though all of them possess wonderful heights, each member has their own array of cute and different physical attribute which make them unique from each other. But along with that, one thing stays the same: How much they have achieved at such a young age.

But the new fans aren’t really aware of things such as ENHYPEN members age and the features that make the ENGENES swoon over them, are they? So here we have a guide to the Gen-Z “IT” boy band, Enhypen members age, height and features that make them beautifully different.

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Here’s a look at ENHYPEN members age, height, and other characteristics


Jungwon Enhypen member age

The leader of ENHYPEN, Yang Jungwon or just Jungwon, is 18 years of age, born in the year 2004 and is actually a part of the Maknae line, the one who is the youngest after the Maknae, Ni-ki. His height is 175 or 5’9″. He is actually the shortest in the group, but that does not refute of his responsibility as a leader and he is phenomenal in it.

Being the youngest leader ever of a kpop group, Jungwon had an enormous responsibility on his young shoulders, but his leadership skills and his love for his group are shown in their interactions. Jungwon’s charm is being charming in different ways, hence the duality because that man can change his persona from cute to serious and handsome in a matter of mere seconds.

Another one of his most famous and cute features is his dimples, which pop out every time he has his dazzling smile on his face. Having angular shoulders also gives him a better physique, but the best part is his eye smile. Whenever he smiles, his eyes go in the shapes of crescent moons and it’s as if even his eyes are smiling.


The eldest in the group at 21 as of 2022, Heesung is actually the hyung of the group. But it certainly does not reflect in his looks, because he looks just the same age as his younger fellow members. Possessing a height of 183 cm or 6’0″, he is one of the tallest in the group, sharing his height with the youngest Maknae. A literal tall and fluffy cutie, with perfect vocals.

In fact, one of his special features is his impeccable vocals, due to which he has been the designated center of the group. Aside from his vocals, Heesung’s eyes are another feature that stand out. Big, expressive eyes, they possess a constant brightness and twinkle along with the maturity of being the hyung of the group, which is even reflected in his behavior, as he is always protective and caring about his members.

Isn’t he just the perfect big brother? Chaotic, funny, and yet kind and caring.


The Korean-American hunk is the third-tallest and second-oldest member of ENHYPEN. He is 20 years of age, third after Heesung and Sunghoon in age and 180 cm or 5’11” in height, second to both Heesung and Niki. Even though he is often termed as “Angry Bird,” he is quite the opposite. His positive energy is one feature which makes him stand out.

He is always there for his members to cheer them up and making them laugh, keeping them happy. His sense of humor is another charming point of his, as he not only playfully makes fun of his members but also laughs at himself, the most memorable being him laughing at a meme of him crying.

He does get a little awkward around the memes, but he is the one who laughs the loudest, nonetheless. Hence, his funny personality contributes to the playful ease the group has amongst each other, as he is from the hyung line. If Heesung is the calm and caring elder brother, Jay is the chaotic and funny elder brother who always makes you laugh.


Jake is a Korean-Australian, sharing his birth year with Jay and is the same age as him, i.e., 20. His height is 176 cm or 5’9″ second last in the height category after Jungwon. One of his most noticeable features is his Aussie accent, making the ENGENES swoon. The way he speaks is like honey dripping, and his vocals and rapping makes the honey drip even sweeter.

Besides this, Jake is that clumsy one of the group. Even though ENHYPEN has a history of being collectively clumsy, Jake is the one who stands out the most, almost damaging the Tablets given to them during the live. He keeps on dropping them, making the staff fear that he would definitely break it. But he is so cute that nobody can ever be angry at him.


The athlete of the group, Sunghoon possesses a height of 181 cm or 5’10” which indicates his sports background. Being a figure skater, he is graceful in his movements despite his towering height. He is second to Heesung in height, but the middle one in age, being 20.

Among the members who share their birth year, there is a stark difference in their months, which makes Sunghoon the youngest in the “20-liner.”

Aside from his grace in dancing, Sunghoon also possesses supreme visuals, which earned him the nickname of “Ice Prince.” One of these facial features which is in the limelight is his eyes and his nose. He has a perfect nose which said to be personally carved by the gods himself (and we wholeheartedly agree). His eyes always seem to twinkle and when he smiles, oh my god. It’s as if he single-smilingly (see what I did there ☞ ̄ᴥ ̄☞) takes our breath and heart away.


Sunoo is third last in the age category, being 19 years of age and turning 20 in June. Contrary to what the people think, Sunoo is not actually the Maknae, the youngest, but he can be called the fake Maknae as he still possesses a babyish charm when he does his cute attacks on ENGENES.

Aside from his cuteness, He is very skilled at making expressions. On stage, he can change expressions as fast as lightning and off-stage? He is on another level. His cute yet beautiful and expressive face can make any emotion stand out. But ENGENES’ favorite is when he is sarcastic and playful.

The absolute ✨SASS✨ he brings out and the aura he exudes is so wonderful to watch, it’s endearing. Evidently, he is the savage one of all. He also possesses the eye-smile signature of the group, which makes him look like a cute baby fox when he does.


The Japanese dancing machine of the group is actually the youngest one, being only 17 years. This makes Ni-ki one of the youngest idols in the k-pop history, but so one of the most talented dancers too. His height defies his age, as his one of the tallest in the group, continuing the legacy of HYBE’s Tall Maknaes as his Seonbaes, Jungkook of BTS and Huening Kai of TXT.

Along with this, he shares his features with Jung Ho Yeon, the actress/model known for playing the character of Kang Se Byeok, the player 067 in the iconic series Squid Game.

One of his most famous features is his jawline and eyes. Seriously, his jawline is sharper than a razor and might even cut through air. But he has the gentlest and innocent eyes of all. The absolute adoration he has for his older members is reflected every time he looks at them, the same way the older ones look at him. They take care of him as if he is their real sibling. And he never fails to make his Hyungs and ENGENES proud.

Even though they are comparatively new to the industry, ENHYPEN is not only an experienced band but also one of the most mature bands too. They learned not only from their Seonbaes, but also are constantly guided by them and in the steady pace, would continue to win hearts of the world. And who knows, they would soon be the world’s biggest boy band, carrying their Seonbaes, BTS and TXT’s legacy forward. And my god, what a journey it would be.

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