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‘Took English Lessons’- Jimin, Suga and RM Reveal What BTS Did During Break

BTS members Suga, Namjoon and Jimin recently did a live stream on VLive for the ARMY where they talked about quite a few different things, including their upcoming concert in Seoul.

Among a slew of discussions the three had, one was about what the BTS members did during their break. And Suga, to the delight of non-Korean BTS fans, revealed that he took English lessons!


Suga to start speaking English soon?!

As with many K-pop groups, BTS too has just one member who can converse in English and that is RM. But if Suga is learning the language too, we could very well have two BTS members fluent in English.

It would certainly be a dream come true for many to watch Yoongie speaking the western language.

RM brought up how many fans were asking how the BTS members spend their time during the break.

“Fans are curious about us producing music during our rest days,” said RM.

To this, Suga responded by saying, “I rested and took lessons.”

When asked which lessons, Suga further explained, “Vocal lessons. I took English lessons.”

Credit to Instagram user bts_girlwithluv7 for the translation.

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And while Suga was undertaking language lessons, Jungkook was apparently refining his dancing.

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BTS back on the stage soon!

While all BTS members are already accomplished dancers, it makes sense Jungkook is trying to get even better. After all, the band will soon be doing a concert in Seoul after having to stop it all due to COVID-19.

Permission to Dance on the Stage- Seoul‘ will take place between March 10, 12 and 13 at the Olympic Stadium in the capital. But given the fact that COVID-19 is still around, the authorities will allow only a little over 22% capacity, which is around 15,000 fans on one day.

Moreover, the fans that do get to attend will have to follow some protocols too.

But the ARMY will be glad just to see their favorite idols back on the stage and on the screen, performing live.

That’s not all, BTS will also perform in Las Vegas!

All in all, the good times are back for BTS and the ARMY!

After a few members, including Jimin, contracted COVID-19, they have all recovered and are doing well now.

Jimin recently recovered from the virus, and even admitted on the livestream that he is feeling very good now.

“I’ve fully recovered. I’ve started exercising too,” said Jimin on the livestream.

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