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Category: Enhypen

HYBE Labels has been known to produce gems like BTS and TXT, but their recent boy band, produced with CJ ENM, has been taking the world by storm. EHHYPEN, the rising stars of the 4th Gen K-pop Groups, has been conquering hearts rapidly since their debut in 2020.

In 2020, HYBE labels, along with CJ ENM (Named as BE-LIFT LABS), made a survival competition show for idols called I-LAND, where several young boys from around the world came to fulfill their dream of becoming a K-pop idol.

The show followed the journey of these boys, and finally, after many hardships and trials, seven talented boys were selected as the final line-up for the company’s new band, in the presence of their would be Seonbaes (seniors), BTS and TXT.

Hence on November 30 2020, ENHYPEN made a blockbuster debut with their first extended play, :BORDER:DAY ONE”.

The title song of the album, “Given-Taken” was an instant hit with their catchy melody, memorable lyrics and the captivating visuals, along with the groovy tunes like “Let Me In (20 cube)”, “Flicker” and “10 Months”.

But the people were already emotionally connected with the seven boys as they saw their journey on the show and were already in love with them, not just for their visuals, but their talent, personality and the pure soul. Let’s see who these adorable and talented boys are:

JUNGWON (Leader, Lead Vocal, Dancer)

Yang Jung Won, better known as Jungwon, was the first member to be selected as a part of the group. Talented in both singing and dancing, Jungwon is also a renowned Taekwondo player.

Continuing the legacy of the gentle leaders of HYBE, he is a kind and very considerate idol who looks after his members like an older brother would, supporting them through their journey. He was formerly a trainee at SM Entertainment, but then came to BigHit Entertainment and trained there.

He trained for 1 year and 4 months before entering I-LAND. He is often called by his nicknames, such as “Sheep Garden”, “Jung One”,etc by the groups fandom, ENGENES. When asked who his role model was, he said that he looks up to BTS’ Jungkook the most.

HEESUNG (Main Vocal , Lead Dancer, Rapper)

Heesung’s real name is Lee Heesung and he is the eldest among all the members i.e. the “Hyung” of the group. HEESUNG formerly trained at BigHit Entertainment for 3 years and a month. Due to this, he is close friends with the TXT members, as they trained together.

Even though he is the oldest member, he is often one of the chaotic of the group. His nickname “Heedeung” has been viral since he himself did aegyo of his name. He likes playing basketball and has a successful experience in song writing and composing. His inspiration is his father.

JAY (Main Rapper, Sub Vocalist)

Jay is a multi-national idol, growing up in Seattle, Washington DC hence, he is multilingual where he is fluent in English and Korean and a little good at Japanese, which he learnt through anime.

He placed second in the I-LAND competition and trained in LP Dance Academy before officially training at BigHit for 2 years and 11 months. He is specifically talented in Hip Hop dance enjoys cooking, once revealing that he wanted to be a chef when he was young. He has been dubbed as the “Angry Bird” and is often playfully teased for the same.

When asked about his inspiration, he said that EXO’s Kai is his idol.

JAKE (Lead rapper, Sub – vocalist, Visual)

Jake’s birth name is Jake Sim, and his Korean name is Sim Jae Yun. He was born in Korea but has been raised in Australia since he was nine years old. He ranked third in the final line up for the band.

He played soccer for a while and is quite talented at playing the violin. Jake is known to be a Math Genius, according to his former classmate. It is also said that he belongs to a wealthy family. He likes to work out and can do animal impressions very impressively.

His nicknames are Sim Jake and Daeng.

SUNGHOON (Visual, Lead dancer, Sub vocalist)

Park Sunghoon was famous before his appeared in the survival show as he was a two time National junior silver medalist figure skater and had represented South Korea in various international championships.

Called the “Ice Prince”, Sunghoon ranked sixth during the final selection on I-LAND. He is known for his stunning visuals and often referred to his nickname “Penguin” due to his resemblance to the cute bird. He ranked first in visuals on the show and is especially skilled in contemporary dance.

SUNOO (Lead vocal, Sub rapper, Visual)

Kim Seon Woo, better known as his stage name Sunoo, has been dubbed as the most cutest yet sassiest member among all the members. He trained for 10 months before entering I-LAND and ranked eighth, but was the producer’s choice and hence was included in the band.

He has a black belt in hapkido and took piano lessons when he was young. He is often misunderstood and cold but he actually very soft and sweet guy, known for his cuteness. He loves taking selfies and eating spicy food. He is often called the sunshine of the group for his bright smile.

NIKI (Main dancer, Sub rapper , Sub vocal, Maknae)

The youngest of the group, Nishimura Niki is the newest version of HYBE’s “Golden Maknae” legacy. He has been trained in dance since a very young age and has worked as a backup dancer for bands like SHINEE. He is from Okiyama, Japan, hence he is fluent in Japanese but is a learning student for Korean.

NiKi is dubbed as the best dancer in the group by both ENGENES and the members. He was part of a group called “SHINEE Kids” where he was Key from 2016-2017. He moved to Korea to train under BigHit for 8 months and placed fourth in the final lineup on I-LAND.

He is also said to have resemblance to the famous star Jung Ho Yeon from the “Squid Game”, who played the North Korean defactor, Player 067. His Korean name is Nishimura Chulsoo. He has a very sharp memory as he can memorize a whole song’s choreography in just 10 minutes, as he learnt dancing by starting through dance forms like Jazz and Ballet.

NiKiis left-handed and like to play soccer and piano. A lesser known fact about him is that he did have a Twitter account, but it has been unused for years. His nicknames are “Little Micheal Jackson” and “Super Dancer”.

More about ENHYPEN

Contrary to other groups, the band does not have any specific position as they are all-rounders. Even though they debuted just two years ago, their fanbase has been growing rapidly, creating a big family of ENGENES, literally meaning that they are Enhypen’s genes.

You can watch their latest hit track below: