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Category: BlackPink

One of the biggest girl group worldwide, BLACKPINK has been known for its consistent hits with cute yet diverse discography with an even diverse fanbase. But who is BLACKPINK really?

The four member girl group is under one of the Big Three Entertainment Companies, YG entertainment, known for their multi-talented idols. The four girls, namely Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa are the idols of the group who have their own positions and yet, can dabble in other arts too.

This is the only group in K-pop which does not have a leader. Their band’s meaning is to let the world know that “pretty isn’t everything” and are a “team that not only encompasses beauty but also talent,” as explained by their rep.

Since their debut in 2016, they have been presenting the world with hits like “DDU-DU DDU-DU” and “Kill this love”, the former being the song to reach 1 billion views, a first for any k-pop group.

The members of the group are these four talented beauties:

JISOO (Vocalist)

Image Courtesy: Jisoo’s official Instagram account (@sooyaaa__)

Jisoo’s real name is Kim Jisoo and is the “unnie” of the group i.e., she is the oldest of the four. She is known for not only her heavenly vocals, but also her beautiful, almost angelic face and also called the visual of the group.

She is fondly called Jichu, and is also an actress, starring in the hit period drama, “Arthdal Chronicles”, as a guest star and took up the role of the strong female lead in the Romantic Tragedy Drama “Snowdrop.”

She is trilingual, fluent in Korean ,Japanese and Chinese. She can speak English but is too shy to do so. She is a free spirited bubbly girl who is equal parts fashionable and kind.

JENNIE (Main Rapper, Vocalist)

Image Courtesy: Jennie’s official Instagram account (@jennierubyjane)

Cat eyes and fierce voice, combined with beautiful vocals and model-like visuals, Kim Jennie is the complete package. She was the first member to be revealed in the group and has been going strong since her debut with the band.

She has an expensive taste in fashion, hence her nickname, “Human Gucci.” She is also called the “YG princess” and is a trilingual too, fluent in Korean , Japanese, and English. She studied in New Zealand for a few years.

Despite having a sassy and fierce stage presence, she is actually a cute, happy go lucky girl who loves to cook.

ROSÉ (Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer)

Image Courtesy: Rosé’s official Instagram account (@roses_are_rosie)

Park Chae Young, better known as her stage name, Rosé, is the sweet voiced vocalist of the group, known for not only her pretty smile but also her stunning visuals. She was the final member to be revealed of the BLACKPINK and was a cheerleader.

She was born in New Zealand, thus her fluency in English.

Rose has a soothing and delicate voice and can play guitar as well as the piano. She is left handed and loves to be called by her nicknames rather than her real one.

Nicknamed “Blackpink’s Goddess,” her voice is quite powerful despite her delicate body and can hit those high notes like no other.

LISA (Main Dancer, Lead Rapper, Vocalist)

Image Courtesy: Lisa’s official Instagram account (@lalisa_m)


Lisa’s real name is Lalisa/Pranpriya Manoban and is originally a Thai born. She is the Maknae, i.e. the youngest of the group and was the second member to be revealed of the group.

Along with her stunning visual, powerful rap and beautiful vocals, she is also an expert dancer. She is a cute and cheerful idol who is loved and adored both by the members and the group’s fandom.

She is nicknamed as “Laliz” and has a gripping presence on the stage with her charm and slick with her moves and rapping. She can play the ukelele too.

More about BlackPink

The girl group debuted in 2016 with a catchy song called “Boombayah” with a dance aesthetic and girl-crush concept. Their next single “Whistle” is a more slow and sensual toned dance number. And they never looked back ever since.

They have been constantly charting out hits and have collabed with stars like Selena Gomez.

The band has a loyal and adoring fanbase called BLINKS, who are known to be quite fierce and charming, also a driving force for the group and are instrumental in making BLACKPINK what it is right now.

You can view their latest hit, “How You Like That” below: