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BTS vs BLACKPINK: Who marvelously reigns the “> 1 Billion Views” Club in the perfect way?

When asked about K-pop bands, people are quick to respond with answers mostly saying “BTS” or “BLACKPINK”, This is because they are torch-bearers when it comes to making k-pop reach the global masses. These two bands have been not only approaching people worldwide but also leaving such long-lasting impressions that the fans are now in fandom for the rest of their lives. While the struggle and hustle made by both the bands are remarkable, they also are in a competitive race to who reaches the milestones of success the fastest. In the present time, the popularity of an artist is measured through the views or listens they obtain on streaming platforms. YouTube is one such platform where these views are counted and hence, has been the race track for both the bands and their fandoms. Thus, the fans of both sides have made them achieve a memorable mark of reaching “1 billion views” for multiple of BTS and BLACKPINK music videos. These clubs exist as follows:

BTS Billion Views Club

BTS has been the forefront runner in the race for 1 billion views for their videos. ARMY, being one of the most dedicated fandoms, has been relentlessly streaming to achieve this milestone for their beloved idols. Successfully getting 6 videos to cross the 1 billion views mark, they have more than accomplished these targets. These videos are now in BTS’s “1 billion views club” and the fandom is sure that more BTS music videos are going to join the club.

BTS 1 billion views club

BLACKPINK Billion Views Club

While BTS has successfully got 6 videos crossing 1 billion views, BLACKPINK was the one who inaugurated the trend. Being the first K-pop group to reach 1 billion views, the powerful girl band had established a massive achievement for themselves. The video that gave this record was their super hit track, “DDU-DU-DDU-DU”. The song gave them the breakthrough they needed and deserved, establishing them as not only a successful but bankable K-pop group. These four powerhouses of idols, Jisoo, Jennie, Rose, and Lisa, proved the world wrong and their fans right that they are more than capable of achieving this milestone. Of course, their loyal and adoring fans are the ones who are always with them. They too have 5 videos in their billion views club, the most recent being “How You Like That”, joining ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU (1.8 billion views), ‘Kill This Love’ (1.5 billion views), “Boombayah” (1.4 billion views), and “As If It’s Your Last” (1.1 billion views).

BLACKPINK 1 billion views club

Both fandoms love their idols unconditionally and would do everything required to help them succeed, as ARMYs and BLINKS display the epitome of fan love. They are examples of how beautiful and lovable fans are to their idols. But these bands are almost in the same place when it comes to the race of expanding their 1 Billion Views Club. Due to this, there is competition between the two fandoms on who would lead this race, and hence, ARMYs and BLINKS are doing all they can to let their idols win. They are tirelessly streaming their idols’ music videos so that they can add another jewel to their crowns.

But even though most of the fandoms are competing healthily, there is a chance it may get a bit more of a fan war. though most of the fan wars between the two fandoms are playful and are often healthy banter, there have been times when it has gotten ugly. Well, we don’t want that. So fingers crossed and let’s see who leads the race to the next video hitting 1 billion views and hence, joining the iconic club.

bts and blackpink
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