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10 times BTS’ RM, the World’s Most Handsome Man, dazzled us with his heavenly visuals

Kim Namjoon, better known by his stage name RM, has proved time and again that he is not only a talented idol but also a wonderful and reliable leader. BTS, being led by him, has reached many heights nationally and internationally. But while his leadership, vocals, and rap are always phenomenal and his visuals have the power to leave us speechless.

But what has always made him a wonderful man is his personality, his sheer talent, His pure heart, his endless compassion and love for his fans and his members, and most of all, his opinions and outlook on the world. His being always sensitive to the people’s feelings around him, and his ability to understand and accept a person, regardless of their faults.

He is never hesitant to accept his flaws and is always vocal about the problems in the world which are not talked about enough like mental health, bullying, Asian and black hate crimes, and above all, the need to love yourself. He is a person who has taught countless people to love and accept themselves as they are and while he has been successful in doing so with his fellow members but in turn, people have fallen in love and respected him even more.

RM looks that have rocked the K-pop world

Namjoon has been recently crowned as the world’s most handsome man, and it has been one of the most memorable gifts Namjoon has received. Thus, On his birthday, we count down the times Namjoon has gifted us with perfect and mesmerizing visuals through the eras. A little tribute to our own Koala Leader.

BTS RM for his portfolio
Image Courtesy: Namjoon’s Official Instagram Account (@rkive)


After debuting, Namjoon sported a mohawk which he accepted that he was not fond of. But after their debut era, he dyed his hair silver, and that suited him like never before. Looking like a lovable delinquent as per the concept of “SKOOL LUV AFFAIR” and “DARK N’ WILD”, Namjoon rocked his look pretty well.


Opting for a short haircut, this time with light brown hair, his look as a policeman was loved and admired by many. While his cute cop look went viral, the formal look was equally adored by the fans and is still fresh in the fandom’s mind.


The fandom was just recovering from the short and brown-haired Joon, and the 29-year-old idol dazzled fans with another iconic look and took their breath away. With a candyfloss pink undercut style, RM proved that he can pull off any look. Be right back, still recovering pink hair Joon with yellow sunglasses😫


Namjoon majestically brought back short hair undercut but this time, he went for the all-kill with his MINT DYED HAIR *screeches inhumanly*. The quirky and energetic vibe of the track was matched by his hair, complimenting it really well. Mint-haired Joon is still one of the fans’ favorites.


“Not Today” was a track that talked about rebellion and standing up for yourself. The vibe of the song was unparalleled and in the same way, Namjoon’s look was of a similar nature. With purple hair and a bandana, he truly looked like the leader of a revolution, which he actually was.


On the opposite side of the vibe from their last comeback, “DNA” was an out-and-out upbeat song about the love between ARMY and BTS. Hence, RM chose to take up the role of a fluffy boyfriend with his casual yet adorable outfits and OH THAT FLUFFY RUST-COLORED HAIR!!! Still have not recovered from this Joon.


Now “Mic Drop” was an era of BTS world domination. They established themselves in the global, especially in the American Music Industry. Hence, they chose to show their more badass sides with “Mic Drop” comeback and oh, did they? While all the members had their own unique styles, what took the cake was RM’s look. The costume and the blonde and crimped hair were a revolution in k-pop fashion.


This era is known and remembered as the one with one of the most iconic looks the seven members ever had. All of them sported black hair colors, along with a soft grunge vibe which matched the concept of the comeback. And Namjoon was no exception. With the sweet shade of brown, paired with his costumes, was a hauntingly beautiful sight to see.


While “FAKE LOVE” dealt with heartbreak and insecurity laced with loneliness, “IDOL” taught us to love ourselves the way we are, because we all are awesome originals, different from our own unique beauty. To reflect this, the band showed their most flamboyant and quirky sides.

Namjoon, too, went for a different and altogether confident side of himself with his slick back hair with his hair colored such a dark shade of green that it almost looked like blacked. The hanboks, the suits, everything was just *chef’s kiss* perfecto.


If the “IDOL” era was all about self-love, the fierce and confident way, “MOTS: PERSONA” was all about soft and fluffy vibes. With tracks like “Boy With Luv”, “Make it Right” and “Mikrokosmos” the entire album was like a warm and adoring hug. Hence, since they let their soft vibes out, they chose colors which were bright and lovely and Namjoon made the choice of candyfloss white hair.


“MOTS:7” was an era of the group laying down their guards and revealing their most vulnerable selves to their fandom. It included their happy, bright, and dark selves. Hence, Namjoon’s looks spoke volumes about his choice of the sides he wanted to show. The uniform style look showed his young and cute side, while the white and black side showed the bright and dark spectrum of himself perfectly. Nevertheless, along with being appreciated, these looks of Namjoon were absolutely LOVED by the fandom.


Oh don’t even get us started on the “dynamite” era Namjoon. The man was something else! That Dark mint hair? The retro look THAT WINK? Pardon us sir, BUT THIS IS NOT GOOD FOR OUR SANITY!


“BE” was a pretty special album for the ARMY as the group made it completely by themselves and showed their innermost feelings, like a glimpse into their lives and themselves. Hence, we could see Namjoon too, along with other members, look the simplest yet the most beautiful way. And come on, doesn’t he look so………wonderful?


You see, the thing is, “BE” era was the calm before the storm. Because Namjoon chose VIOLENCE for the “Butter” comeback. As if the mullet wasn’t enough to drive us crazy, the final nail on our sanity’s coffin was the slick back hairstyle and RETURN OF THE PINK HAIR! Please Sir Namjoon, have some mercy🙇‍♀️


Namjoon brought back another entry for his green hair looks and paired with the cowboy look, He pulled it off MAGNIFICIENTLY. The looks fit perfectly well with the bright vibe of the song and hence, still stays fresh in the minds of ARMY.


“Proof” was an album where the group celebrated their career and hence, choosing their looks was a very important aspect they had to take care of. Well, our leader understood the assignment. Do we really need to elaborate? Like, we literally went FERAL for this Namjoon.


We can’t even—–

We wish nothing but the best for Kim Namjoon, the man who taught us to love, laugh and live. Happy Birthday, Joonie.

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