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BTS music videos that DESERVE to be in the “1 billion club”

BTS has been creating, and breaking records left, right and centre since they debuted and became popular. Some of them include reaching 100 million views in 24 hours for their “Dynamite” video, most weeks spent on the top numbers in the billboard charts, and videos which have reached the iconic 1 billion views mark. While six of them have already achieved that milestone, there are a few videos that need to reach the iconic 1 billion mark asap. Here are five of them:

Seven times BTS almost reached 1 billion views


The song that became the rebel anthem was a dose of motivation for the people listening to it. Fierce, revolutionary and heart-thumping, this video is regarded as a masterpiece by BTS and their team. The vocals, the rap and the dance, all were executed impeccably. Being one of its own with all these elements, it needs to be viewed more and eventually, reach the 1 billion mark and get the recognition it deserves.

2. ON

Filled with biblical references to frame a beautiful, multi-faceted story, paired with heavenly vocals, and one of the most difficult yet satisfying dance routine and visuals which will take your breath away, the video is jam-packed with elements that make it a complete K-pop package. “ON” has two versions, one with a dance performance video and another one with the storyline. While the dance performance has its own charm, the storyline one defines the very core of Korean Music. Thus, “ON” music video deserves to be included in the billion views club.

3. Spring Day

This song was an emotional rollercoaster for everyone. Based on the Sewol Ferry tragedy where 304 people, including 250 students the rest of them being the teachers and staff of the school who were taking a field trip to Jeju island on MV SEWOL drowned in the river and never survived. The music video was a sort of a token of remembrance and tribute to the lost lives in the Sewol Ferry Tragedy. The song speaks about the loss, yearning and grief for a person lost. Designed and executed with heartbreakingly beautiful lyrics, tone and tune of the song, “Spring Day” needs to be seen by people more, for the sake of the lives lost and the effort put by Bangtan to honour them.

4. Yet to Come

Their most recent hit, “Yet to come” was like a celebration for Bangtan and ARMYs. The song marked the ninth anniversary of BTS and was an emotional reminiscence for both of them. the song is like a video which has the group remembering their journey through the references of their previous iconic videos and expressing how their are looking forward to the next phase of their career and what it brings next. Hence, this video stays close to Bangtan and ARMYs hearts, Due to this, it would be no surprise if the video reaches the billion views mark, rightfully deserved.

5. Butter

Preppy, fun and wonderfully performed by the group, “Butter” music video shows the sexy and hot sides of the BTS members. The song was a much needed track in the difficult pandemic times and has successfully helped people forget the melancholy of the COVID-19 pandemic and made the world groove to their beats alternating between formal and classy party vibe to casual tracksuit cuties, the song gives off the perfectly enjoyable experience. If this does not deserve to hit 1 billion views, I don’t know what does.

bts 1 billion views

Though there are more videos that need to be included, us mentioning these does not mean that others don’t. it’s just our opinion and we look forward to listening your thoughts on which videos should hit the 1 billion views mark, down in the comments below!

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