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All You Need to Know about BTS’ Military Enlistment

Since its debut in 2013, BTS has been the beacon that draws the world to South Korea. From being the all-rounder idols to beautiful humans, they have always made their country immensely proud of them.

BTS has grown into an example of celebrities who are incredibly patriotic and true to their country. Hence, their country has always appreciated the contribution they have for the welfare of the country. They have been awarded an order of cultural merit from the South Korean government back in 2018, being one of the youngest in the country to get this honor. They have then represented South Korea on various platforms, whether it be through their music or their deeds.

They have also spoken in the United Nations regarding their “Love Yourself” campaign. An anti-bullying campaign encouraging the youth of now to raise their voice against injustice. They have also spoken yet again in the United Nations, but as the South Korean President’s special envoy, representing their country, *wipes proud tears*

bts at the white house 2022

BTS’ Military Dilemma

military enlistment
South Korean Marines march on the sidewalk after arriving at a port during a joint military exercise in Pohang on April 5, 2018, after a combined amphibious landing exercise was cancelled due to adverse weather. The drill is part of the annual joint exercise Foal Eagle to enhance the combat readiness of the US and South Korea supporting forces in defense of the Korean Peninsula. / AFP PHOTO / Jung Yeon-je (Photo credit should read JUNG YEON-JE/AFP/Getty Images)

But there is one dilemma that they and the South Korean Government have been facing for the past few years, I.e., the band’s military enlistment. So the rule goes like this: all able-bodied men between the age of 18 to 30 have to serve the country through mandatory military enlistment for 18 months (Army), 20 months (Navy), and 22 months (Air Force).

Now the last age to enlist was 28 before, but for especially BTS, it was changed so that they could serve the country through their music and thrive professionally. But since the oldest member of the group has reached the last for enlistment I.e. 30 years (though he does not look so. Trust us, he may secretly be a vampire who ages backward) , his time to serve has come, followed by his fellow members.

Now the government gives military exemptions to those Koreans who have served the country in other ways, for example, athletes or artists as special exemptions who had been granted for athletes and artists who excel in certain international competitions. BTS too was on the list of military exemptions as their popularity has not only benefited them but also boosted the country’s culture, popularity, and, most importantly, economy.

Hence, the global citizens, along with Koreans, thought that they would be exempted from the military. But the government could reach a decision in the past few years, So BTS themselves took it upon themselves and decided that they would serve in the military like all normal Korean Men.

Their agency, HYBE Labels, announced it after their concert for the “World Expo 2030” in Busan, and to say it was a surprise would be an understatement. While ARMYs (their fandom) were kind of prepared for this news, the timing of it was all very sudden.

HYBE mentioned in their statement that the first to join the military would be the oldest hyung, Jin’s turn to enlist, the enlistment process finishing in late October. Others will join as and when they are asked.

The estimated time of the OT7 reunion after the military is 2025 and until then, ARMYs, let us wait like the proud fans we are because *stands on the door, looking at the sunset* Our Army Wife/Husband Era has begun.

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