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BTS’ history as a celibate boy band will not end well, fans believe

Since their debut over eight years ago, boy band BTS has strayed away from any kind of dating rumors or linkups. Though they have been targets of outrageous claims, so far, the boy band has remained allegedly “single.”

Understandably, there is no way to know whether the members were dating anyone during this period, as all information about their dating lives is usually kept under wraps.

However, a discussion on Reddit has now brought to light the dark side of BTS’ history of celibacy. According to a post by u/kpopthoughts, as all eight members of BTS have remained single for eight years, the more serious fans will not take too kindly to the relevation of their personal affairs.

The redditor’s concerns do not seem baseless, as there have been instances where the news of an idol’s dating life was met with widespread negativity.

Idols Dawn and HyunA were removed from their company, Cube Management, when news surfaced that the two were dating each other. EXO-L’s were not welcoming to the news of their idol, Chen, getting engaged and expecting a baby. Sungmin, a member of Super Junior, was forced into hiatus and has not been seen as part of his band since he got married.

Image via Twitter/hyuna_fb

Fans come to a unanimous decision regarding BTS’ dating news

The majority of the comments agree with the original poster, and have spoken about their own fears regarding the backlash the band will face such news inevitably breaks.

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A few fans spoke about the incident when Jungkook hugged a woman some time ago, and fans retaliated negatively. Though most replies are in a similar vein, a few people joked that the rumors surrounding RM, which state that he may be married with a child, will help him.

Part of the appeal of K-pop is the fantasy. Idols are marketed as pure, untouched, perfect human beings who will make you happy, while pushing your troubles away. This causes a para-social relationship between the idol and their fans, and the understand that their idol is human too begins to slip away.

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BTS is currently in such a para-social relationship with their fans, and whether they would like to admit it or not, the crumbling of this fantasy is a mere announcement away.

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