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Who can speak English in BTS?

As k-pop has gone global, watched by fans all over the world, the necessity to learn English has increased with the growing popularity of the music industry. As it is a universal language, it is a common communication channel between k-pop idols and the audience, hosts, and people from all over the world. Hence, it is even more important for BTS to learn and know English, being the world’s biggest band. All the members can speak English, but sometimes encounter small problems when it comes to the language, and this needs help from translators. But there are a few members who can speak and understand it better and can even speak it fluently. Here is our list of English- speaking Bangtan Members:


bts rm (english speaker)
Image Courtesy: RM’s official Instagram account (@rkive)

Kim Namjoon a.k.a RM is known as the spokesperson of the group, along with being a leader. He is the most fluent English speaker amongst all the members of the band and can speak like a native speaker. But the story behind his fluency in the language is pretty adorable. When RM was just a teenager, his mom used to get him DVDs of all 10 seasons of the hit American Sitcom, ” F.R.I.E.N.D.S” and from the show, he used to learn English.

Explaining this process, he said that he used to first watch the show with Korean subtitles, then switched to watching it with English subtitles, and then watch the show without subtitles altogether. Since then, he has been honing his English-speaking skills and from being a teenager learning from a TV show; he is the leader of the most popular boy band on earth and speaking in the UN and The White House.


bts suga
Image Courtesy: Suga’s official Instagram account (@agustd)

One of the fiercest and fastest rappers in k-pop, Min Yoongi a.k.a Suga, is secretly fluent in English. He never really speaks in the language and sticks to his mother tongue, Korean, but when the chance is right, he always baffles us with the way he speaks it! Rapping to Korea comes naturally to him, as he uses his verses to show not only his savage but also his savage side.

People often misunderstand that apart from RM, nobody can speak English but always shuts those rumors down when he speaks in it along with RM, but also on behalf of the whole group. (Just like he can shut down the haters in both Korean and English as well 馃樇)


bts jungkook
Image Courtesy: Jungkook’s official Instagram account (@jungkook.97)

While Jungkook is still learning and sometimes even struggles with pronouncing words, he is a quick- learner. Hence, his fluency in the language can be heard in his covers of English songs. Though we still get to hear a hint of his Korean accent, he has improved way more than before. From being able to speak only two words and having difficulty in stringing sentences in English, he is now able to sing songs so beautifully in the language. Our Kookie has come a long way馃ぇ His most recent English song, “Left and Right” being a collaboration with Charlie Puth for the second time, has been currently topping charts worldwide.

Just because we mentioned these members, that does not mean other members aren’t fluent in the language. They are learning and can speak really really well, but it’s just that they do not interrupt when RM is the spokesperson and let him do all the talking. The superstar band, as a whole, is accomplished at many things, English being one of them. And the speed at which all the members are learning, soon, all the members would be proficient in the language.

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