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BTS reveals the return of their Dalmajung merch collection and ARMYs have beaten The Flash to get their hands on them

In 2021, BTS unveiled their traditional Korean-style merch called Dalmajung in lieu of their annual Chuseok festival. The fans really loved seeing their beloved idols in traditional hanboks and the collection quickly went viral for its sheer beauty.

Return of BTS Dalmajung!

In September, HYBE Labels announced the return of BTS’ iconic Dalmajung Collection for 2022 with concept photos and short clips, giving us a glimpse of BTS getting in touch with their Korean roots.

BTS, as always, wished their beloved ARMY with a Weverse live broadcast for Chuseok for best wishes, love, and adoration, but knowing them, the fandom also got some chaotic moments.

What does Dalmajung mean? What is Chuseok?

The word “dalmajungcan be understood in two parts; in Korean, “dal” means “moon” and “majung” means “to meet”. Hence, “dalmajung” stands for “meeting the moon”. The word originates from the Chuseok festival.

Chuseok is a Korean festival and also a holiday that is annually celebrated on the 15th day of August, according to the Lunar Calender, because on this day a full moon, signifying a good harvest appears, and thus, Koreans meet up with their families and spend time together. In simpler words, it is like Korean Thanksgiving Day.

Thus, on the occasion of this auspicious day, HYBE Labels introduced this beautiful collection in 2021 and blessed us again this year with another set of wonderful Hanbok-clad visuals captured in pictures. Hence, we present to you THE SEVEN KOREAN MASTERS OF BTS!


The leader of the group, RM adorned a wonderful hanbok of the lightest, shimmery blue paired with dark chocolate brown hair, looking like the perfect master of the Joseon period. While the concept picture gifted us “The Little Merman” Namjoon, half-lying down on the boat, the concept video was on a whole other level. The intensity of his eyes, OH GOD!


Jin has proved time and again that he is the perfect visual for BTS. This time was no exception. The “Worldwide Handsome” looked like a Prince in his dark, shimmery hanbok with baby blue borders. The video clip showed him emerging from a boat, walking with a grace equivalent to a royal.

The concept image, however, was another blessing altogether. They graced us with the heavenly facial visual of Jin. The clip and the picture made the perfect all-kill, and honestly, we have never been happier😭


Suga has always graced us with top-tier visuals, ranging from fierce expressions to cute gummy smiles. This time too, he didn’t disappoint his admirers, rather the opposite. In a coffee brown, shimmery hanbok, paired with his beautiful, natural raven black hair, he twirled in the video clip to help ARMYs get a complete view of how wonderful he looked. We could not help but stare.


Now J-hope has a knack for surprising ARMYs with the most beautiful gifts. But his Dalmajung look is probably one of the biggest surprises we have had. Sporting an open light lavender hanbok with a cream shirt and pants, J-hope looked the perfect example of a fusion of traditional and modern Korean fashion. Be right back, simping over Hanbok Hobi.


Jimin has always been one of the most ethereally beautiful idols. Paired with his fashion sense, he always stands out to the people. While he always rocks all styles of fashion, may it be casual, formal, or chic, traditional style has been close to his heart. This has been proven yet again when Jimin wore a wonderful green, shimmery hanbok with a black inner outfit.

Setting a perfect contrast with his outfit, the bright hanbok with the black inner outfit, this makes us realize that Jimin is one of those people who can pull off any outfit. Like, ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING. He actually looks like a forest god.


Do we even need to say anything? The whole world has acknowledged him as the “World’s Most Handsome Man” thus it is no surprise that V’s traditional look would be a spellbinder. Wearing a shimmery grey hanbok with a shade of blue darker than our soul, he takes our breath away in the concept pictures.

But the last straw for our sanity was the concept video clip. He channeled his inner flirty model, holding a small flower in his mouth and looking STRAIGHT INTO OUR SOUL. Like sir, some mercy


The golden maknae of BTS has always graced with his best looks and even after creating his own fashion style (goth cutie), he has never shied away from accepting and being proud of his culture like his hyungs. Following his fellow members’ footsteps, Jungkook wore a hanbok in the earth tones, opting for the green with blue borders.

The concept photos allowed us to enjoy every bit of Kook’s perfection, but the peace was short-lived. He made our hearts in overdrive with his thirst traps in the concept video clip. His just leaning back in the boat, giving us a perfect view of his beautiful hanbok and himself just proved to be fatal for ARMYs’ hearts, which we are sure they would agree with.


Finally, all members of the band came together to pose and give us a full view of their earth-themed matching hanboks.

While it is always a pleasure to watch the members being themselves with their own style, watching them getting in touch with their traditions and culture was another level of pleasure altogether.

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