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One of the most adorable saga of BTS collaborations: Tannies X Coldplay

BTS has a diverse history of wonderful collaborations. From Korean A-listers like Jessi to western artists like The Chainsmokers, Ed Sheeran, and Halsey, they have bangers that are still fresh in our minds and playlists.

But one of the most endearing and wholesome collaborations the band has ever done is with Coldplay. There is so much love and brotherhood between the two bands that you can feel that the bond is genuine. Hence, to commemorate this beautiful friendship, we bring you a timeline of BTS and Coldplay’s Friendship saga.

1. BTS being Coldplay fanboys

In 2017, after their own WINGS tour, J-hope and RM went to Coldplay Concert and even made a vlog about it, where they gushed over them and the inspiration they give to J-hope and RM, even the whole group,

“I just watched the performance of an artist that I’ve liked since I was young, so I was able to gain energy from that. As it’s been a long time since Coldplay has had a performance, I went to watch it.” 


B) Every time V was asked what artists he would love to collaborate with, he ALWAYS said Coldplay!

2. BTS cover of “Fix You”

We know Coldplay for not letting any artist perform the covers of their tracks. They are very strict about this policy. Thus, letting BTS cover their wonderful ballad, “Fix You” on MTV Unplugged, was a feat in itself. This showed how the American band trusted their songs to them. They would try their best to do justice to it which honestly, they did. If the original song was a balm to your pained soul, then the BTS version was like a band-aid, so artfully performed that it reaches both the fandoms’ souls. The amount of trust and faith the group put in BTS, that they gave one of their most precious songs for the Korean Super-band to cover.  

3. When Coldplay openly supported BTS’ cover of their own song “Fix You”

Coldplay’s approval of BTS’ “Fix You” cover was no secret to the world, but they made their support even more blatant through their social media pages. From Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, they shared the cover through all of them and were gushing about the cover.

4. When Chris Martin consistently sang praises about BTS:

In an interview with Most Requested Live, Chris was asked if he would like to collaborate with the Korean band and he said that, of course, he did! He constantly remarked how highly he deems the band and their journey to the successful people BTS are right now.

I love the fact that they are so huge and sing a lot in Korean. They don’t always have to sing in English. …I love them a lot, and so if the right song came along, I wouldn’t ever say no.

— Chris Martin

5. When Chris Included “ Butter” as one of his favorites and added the track to his playlist.

He included “Butter” in a list of songs that he either enjoyed or encouraged him through difficult times.

6. When Coldplay went to South Korea to meet BTS:

Now the activities of both bands had started revolving around each other’s and it didn’t take long for both ARMY and Coldplay fans to figure out, or even suspect, that something was brewing between the two. Hence, whem the American Super Group visited South Korea to meet BTS, fans were almost sure that a massive collaboration was coming, and boy, what a comeback it was.

7. “My Universe”

Now, the highlight of the saga is the bands’ collaboration for the song “My Universe” which is and would always be special for not only the bands but also the fans. The song was a declaration of love by both groups to their fans. Hence, this song has a special place in everyone’s heart.

8. The whole bond between Chris Martin and Jin

From Chris gifting his guitar to Jin to the latter choosing to sing his goodbye song to ARMY before his enlistment with the Western group, the bond between Jin and Chris is different altogether. Their relationship is so precious that it seems that they would have been real brothers in their previous lives. So much love, adoration, and comfort are radiated from them that it warms our hearts.

Thus, we reques– no, we urge you to check out Jin and Coldplay’s latest collab, “The Astronaut” as it is not only beautiful from the auditory and visual aspect, but the song literally shows the love these two talented groups, and their fandoms. It is enough to bring tears to our eyes. What about you?

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