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BTS Chapter 2: What’s Next for Everyone’s Favorite Boy Band?

This year’s BTS FESTA, especially the dinner, was emotional for not only BTS but for the ARMYs as well. While it has been a long time of nine years for the group, who were endlessly working towards their goal, they opened up about their struggles in the FESTA Dinner.

The past dinners on their annual anniversaries were all about reminiscing about their past year, with smiles and laughs. But this year, group members opened up about how they are now exhausted and would like to have some time for themselves.

They confessed their minds are used up, and they are feeling burned out, which is causing them to struggle when they create new content. Being the leader of the group, RM broke down in tears and said,

“I feel lost. After releasing Butter and Permission to Dance, I started feeling that I don’t know what kind of a band we are anymore. What kind of music do we want to make? What do we want to say? I believe we should have taken this break long ago but we kept putting it off.”

The other members, in turn, explained their reasons for asking a break. As they let their paths run together for almost a decade, they now have the need to find their own individual paths too.

Of course, that does not mean they are disbanding, but are merely taking a break from the group and focusing more on their solo careers. When RM was crying, J-Hope, too, succumbed to tears, followed by Jimin.

All of them sending tearful reassurances and temporary goodbyes to their beloved ARMYs. While the boys crying was not enough to make us weep, what made us cry even more was when Jungkook said,

“I promise we will return someday, more mature than now. Till then, we ask for your blessings.”

RM then lightened the mood by talking about their achievements of the past year and the atmosphere became bright once again.

They said that some group activities would continue, they would shoot Run BTS together and finish up their schedules for this comeback, but would then focus on their solo albums more.

They also revealed that the first solo project to be released would be of J-Hope, as he has a performance at the Lollapalooza music festival, marking the beginning of their solo journey. Charlie Puth, a famous singer known for hits like We Don’t Talk Anymore and Attention, announced that he would collaborate with Jungkook for his next track, Left and Right.

The adorable teaser showed Jungkook singing a snippet of the song with his beautiful, adorably fluffy hair, a little mullet and his iconic piercings. Puth released this clip on his social media, making fans of both the fandoms eager for their collaboration.

Fans have a bittersweet reaction to BTS’ hiatus

The reaction of ARMYs to the announcement was mixed. While they were sad that they would not see BTS perform together, they knew that the break was necessary and completely supported their decision.

Hence, they are happy that BTS would be getting a much needed break and boost towards their individual growth. But despite all of this, what really broke ARMYs’ hearts was they felt guilty of taking a break, which they are not supposed to.

The world has witnessed their work. They have seen how hard they work for their music and their goal of spreading love to the world. But sometimes, even if there is an activity you absolutely love to do, you feel exhausted. Because there is a limit to everything. You need some time to rest.

In the same way, the BTS hiatus would prove to be a step towards their better selves.

BTS will return

Fans took to social media to express their support for BTS’ decision and the response is, in a nutshell, overwhelmingly heart-warming. This is yet another instance which shows how much BTS and ARMY love each other. The fans are now eager to see what would the next chapter of BTS brings for them and wishes that their beloved seven idols with everything they want but above all, health and peace.

They promised they would come back better and would always go on. BTS would always be BTS.

“While BTS as a band will be on break, all the members will be releasing their music at this time.”

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