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7 times BTS and ARMY showed us how beautiful their bond is and we just CAN’T. STOP. CRYING!

ARMY is a fandom that spans the whole world. Known for their absolute love and adoration for their BTS, the bond they both share is something that will make anyone’s heart melt. So, on the occasion of BTS’s 9th Debut Anniversary, here are 7 heart-warming moments between BTS and ARMY that would make your heart go boom boom

7. When Jungkook cried while reading a letter to ARMYs as he was feeling too overwhelmed by his love for them.

In the 2020 Winter Package, the members were supposed to write letters for ARMY and everyone did it in their own way. But the one that stayed with us the most was when Jungkook read the letter. The youngest in BTS has literally grown up with ARMYs, the latter witnessing his growth and hence, Jungkook has always been very close to the fandom. Hence, while reading his letter to ARMY, Jungkook felt so overwhelmed by his love for them that he ended up bursting into tears. He cried and said that he loves them so much and would always try his best to make them proud. Isn’t this just so touching and PURE?

6. When they make songs like “We are Bulletproof: Eternal”, “Yet To Come”, “Young Forever” and “For Youth”

Music is something BTS and ARMY bond over and always uses this medium to express their love for each other. BTS especially never leaves a chance to show their love for their adorable fandom and always thinks that the better way to communicate this is through their songs. Hence, this love is always expressed by the group in their songs like, “We Are Bulletproof: Eternal” where they said that would always be together and would fight the whole world if ARMY is with them. And the feeling, honestly, is more than mutual.

5. When ARMY frequently makes charities in BTS names to contribute and help in society.

May it be floods or the pandemic, ARMYs are always ready to help people, regardless if they are fans or not. This has been proved several times when they raised charity for flood relief in India and other countries, taking an active part in the BlackLivesMatter and AsianLivesMatter movement, or even helping cancer patients and both ARMY and BTS anti-bullying campaign is known worldwide. With people from different countries, races, and religions, all that matters for BTS and ARMY is humanity.

4. When BTS always protects from the media’s subtle questions about ARMY ever hurting BTS a.k.a always defending them.

The press or media is known makes straightforward and sometimes even subtle questions to celebrities that may be uncomfortable to them. While most of them are nice, some of them are borderline invasive and rude, especially when it comes to fans. But BTS protects their AMRYs at all costs. Whenever asked about their fans being toxic or hurtful to them or other people, BTS always defends them rightfully and protects them. No wonder we are BULLETPROOF, right?

3. When SUGA personally made gifts for ARMY

Suga may come off as a cold and closed-off introvert but it’s actually not true. He possesses the warmest of hearts in the world and it was proven several times. One such instance is when they had just broken into the k-pop scene. He made handmade gifts, which took HOURS to make, just to thank the ARMYs who attended the fan event on his birthday and their everlasting love and effort for BTS. Hence proved, Even though he is SUGA, the man who is literally one of the best rappers in the world and would go to any lengths to protect ARMYs, is just our Yoongi who loves ARMY to bits. The soft side of Min Yoongi is always reserved for ARMYs.

2. When the Wembley Stadium, full of ARMYs sang for their beloved BTS

During one of their concerts in Wembley was not just memorable for being held at the world’s largest stadium, but also for what ARMYs did to express their love for BTS. The fandom, along with the staff surprised BTS by singing “Young Forever” as a token of their thanks, love, and support. The group had no idea about this made it even more precious as the expressions of surprise, then overwhelming love, and happy crying was so beautiful that it still tugs at our heartstrings.

1. When BTS specially made a FESTA dinner video informing ARMY of their hiatus

BTS recently had their customary Anniversary dinner but this time, it was more bittersweet tears than happy laughs and drunk memes. After 9 long years of consistently working towards their goal, BTS will now be taking a two-year long hiatus for their group activities. They would be together after the hiatus but in these two years, they would focus more on their individual growth and solo careers. Now, this is news that has broken almost every ARMY’s heart, the fact that BTS won’t be seen as a group for two long years but the way they delivered the news was so heartwarming it made us smile at how much they live their ARMYs. They especially did the dinner to give this news themselves instead of the BigHit MUSIC announcement. RM, crying openly said that they are afraid to disappoint ARMY so hence, they want to take a break and return back as people ARMY would be more proud of. When RM started crying, all the other members burst into tears. The silver lining? They would release their solo albums, the Run BTS episodes will continue and they would always drop updates on their social media. They kept on reassuring me that they are NOT disbanding but just taking a break to focus on their individual career growth and would continue filming RUN BTS together and the group activities would continue

Get you a group that would cry while taking hiatus. Their love for each other knows no limits and it’s true when they say, that they both are each other’s universe. It is just BTS and ARMY’s world and we are just mere humans living in it.

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