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When BTS made the first ever “1 Billion views” club

While breaking and making records in no new feat for the global star boy band BTS, there are some records which are really, really precious and life-changing. The band achieving the “one billion views’ mark for not one, but six times, is no ordinary feat too.

The Beginning of the BTS “1 Billion Views Club”

BTS has been often regarded as the revolutionary artists that have rose to fame and love through a rapid but difficult phase of years and even though they have been focusing more on their solo careers, their achievements as a group have their own wall of fame, literally. Their videos hitting the 1 billion views mark is nothing short of leJINdary. So now, we list out the videos which have contributed to their “Billion Views Club”

1. DNA

The first video of BTS to hit the 1 billion mark, DNA created history for the idol group by not only making them even more successful in the Korean Music industry, but the song also gave them a breakthrough in the mainstream American Music Industry. The artists there started to look at them like they were legends (which they were and are) and finally appreciate them as fellow musicians. This achievement was not the only reasons that ARMYs hold a special place in their hearts for this song. In this song, BTS expresses how much they love them and would always continue to do so until eternity. That’s basically a love confession (the heart went UWU). With a cosmos theme, heavenly vocals and a perfect dance routine to go with it, they literally left us starry-eyed with this video, which also made them stars (see what I did there eh? *wink wink*


One of the most recent songs by BTS to reach the one billion milestone, the video hit the majestic mark on April 3rd, 2022. The track, with its preppy vibe, makes motivation and loving ourselves fun. With its colourful visual background and the members adorning even more colourful costumes and hair, the song became a rage when it was released back in 2018. The melody and beats combined with lyrics which told us to be ourselves and love our being just it is, and paired with an impeccable choreography? It was a masterpiece. While they wrote the lyrics in their context, it resonates with each one of us who are struggling to accept ourselves. Hence, through this song, BTS not only accepts their albeit flawed but awesome selves and encourages us to do the same. It’s just so…..BTS, encouraging their fan family to love themselves.

3. MIC DROP (Steve Aoki Remix)

Probably one of the most iconic songs ever made by BTS, it was released just after their hit track DNA. The elements which make this song so special and noteworthy are many. But one of the main ones was that they made this song to diss their haters. While BTS are one of the most humble and down-to-earth idols, they never shy away when it comes to answering their haters. The collaboration with Steve Aoki was just the icing WITH the cherry on the cake. The original one has its own charm, but the remix just hits different. The added dance break piece in the end made the song even better, performed so beautifully by the dance-blessed idols. Hence, this song getting the 1 billion views mark was due, which was received by the group on July 26, 2022.

4. Boy With Luv

The title track of their 2019 album “Map of The Soul: Persona”, Boy with Luv, was a heart-stealing song with its cute and lovely vibe. The song was special to both ARMY and BTS as the group not only turned lover boys for ARMYs, they collaborated with Halsey, who is now part of the Bangtan Family. This video also became memorable as it got included in the “1 billion club” of BTS. Hence, they not only gained another member in their family (Though their friendship with , but also added another hit in their bag of achievements.

5. Dynamite

We save the best for the last. There is no count on how many achievements BTS has earned through this song. From being the first full-fledged English song, breaking chart records and earning their first ever Grammy nomination. With a retro disco vibe, the song is still one of those tracks which are constants in our playlist. Played from parties to graduation ceremonies, “Dynamite” was path-breaking, with a bang. Staying true to its title, the song exploded with views and on the first 24 hours of release, garnered a whooping 101.1 million views, making a world record for the most views of a video in 24 hours within its release. But one of their trademark milestone, was achieved by “Dynamite” on February 21, 2021; one year, six months and three days after its release on August 21, 2020. The song joined the “1 billion club” quickly compared to their other videos and the views are still steadily rising.


The song which became the anthem for sad and heartbroken people, “FAKE LOVE” has its own special reputation. With its dark, gritty and visually mesmerizing vibe, the song told a story of heartbreak, dilemmas and lost love. The video had a tone of melancholy, performed brilliantly through graceful choreography. This song gave the world a different side of BTS and they.LOVED.IT. While it was appreciated and loved by the mainstream music industry, the ARMYs were thrumming with the fierce and angry vibe the song presented. Still one of the first choices for covering BTS dance routines. Finally, on April 23, 2022, “FAKE LOVE” became one of the entries in BTS’ “1 billion views” club. Fans were ecstatic to see one of their favourite music videos achieve its rightful mark.

bts 1 billion views club

Though the “1 billion club” is just one of the achievements BTS has earned, they still work as hard as their debut days, not just to prove themselves, but also make their family and lastly, their fandom, their ARMY proud.

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