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BLACKPINK’s new track “Pink Venom” has fans hysterically laughing and crying over its perfection

The difficult wait of two years had ended for BLINKs and OH MY GOD. What a magnificent surprise BLACKPINK had for them. The girl group just released their new track “Pink Venom” on 19th August and fans have simultaneously breathed a sigh of relief and gone breathless with BLACKPINK’s performance in it. Confused? Here’s why.

The two years wait

BLACKPINK’s last comeback was in 2020 with the banger “How You Like That” along with their full album, also named “The Album”. While the members had their solo activities going on in full swing, the fans were eagerly waiting for them to have a comeback together as a band. Their prayers were finally answered when YG Entertainment announced that the group was finally having a comeback on 19th August and, suffice it to say, the fans’ prayers were answered after two long years with one of the most majestic and satisfying music videos ever.

The Visual

The song begins with Jisoo with her geomungo (a Korean instrument resembling a sitar) in pigtails and a beautiful Miss Sohee gown, enclosed in their signature black and pink color. In comes, Jennie in her Red Leopard print Jumpsuit, looking absolutely stunning. Then we have Lisa, who has beautiful rust-colored hair, clad in a costume that looks straight out of Mad Max: Fury. Next up is Rose, who looks ethereally beautiful in a black gown and ash silver hair and rhinestones under her eyes. We see their next looks when the main chorus drops and if Lisa’s “Mad Max” look was the tip of the iceberg, The four members’ main chorus look is the whole of Antarctica. Clad in white-khaki looks, they look like the modern desert racers, those who look beautiful but are as dangerous as they come.

The JenLisa rap part has both Jennie and Lisa clad in hip-hop-style clothes, which they pull off immaculately. The divine visual Jisoo stuns in a white gown with this comeback’s trademark accessory, the pink transparent oxygen mask. On the opposite spectrum, we have Rose The Rockstar pulling off the black outfit like no other. The next bridge gives us another set of beautiful looks of the girls, especially Jisoo, who went with bangs and a lower lip fake piercing.

The final outro gives us BLACKPINK clad in all-black outfits, leaving lasting impressions. While the costumes and the makeup enhanced the girls’ beauty, the background, production set design, and the color scheme, the whole vibe is so different and yet so………..BLACKPINK.

It fits just right to their personas and yet gives us a more uniquely powerful side of the talented group.

The Vocal and Rap

When it comes to their singing and rapping, BLACKPINK never fails to impress the audience. And this time too, they do not disappoint. With the hard-hitting yet soothing vocals of Jisoo and Rose, the song gives off the vibe of the calm before the storm. The rap parts, brilliantly performed by Jennie and Lisa, stay equally impressionable. Fans especially loved the middle JenLisa raps so much that fan-made edits have already begun to appear in the feeds of various social media platforms. The drop of the main chorus comes off as a surprise, but is so catchy that you cannot help but hum and bob your head to it. The highlight, though, is the outro. The “latatata” part has been executed so well that it unleashes all the BLACKPINK power. Hence, “Pink Venom” is a bullseye.

The Choreography

Just as BLACKPINK nailed the singing and rap, they did the same with their dance routine for this track. Performed wonderfully by the girl group, BLACKPINK has made sure that this routine would be the one people would remember for a long time. While on the surface it looks easy, it’s the grace of the members which makes it look easy. (Trust us, we tried, but all we could do was the main chorus part, and that was pitiful 🙂. All in all, when it comes to the dancing part, BLACKPINK did it like they always do, with perfection.

Thus, BLACKPINK has maintained its charm but has added a more fierce, dangerous, almost deathly tint to it. As they have added another flavor to their personas, fans are excited for their whole album “BORN PINK” to be released because if the pre-release track, “Pink Venom” is such a banger, we can hardly imagine what a treat the whole album would be. The whole album releases on September 16, so until then BLINKS, curb your excitement a little longer because BLACKPINK IS FINALLY IN YOUR AREA!

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