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“Salty and Delicious”- BlackPink’s Jisoo Reveals her Weirdest Habit and How She Quit Her Addiction

When Jisoo is on screen, you know you’re going to be entertained. Be it in a music video, a fan video or any show, Jisoo knows how to keep the audience hooked and interested. The BlackPink singer did not disappoint when she recently made an appearance on the hit YouTube show, ‘Not Prepared’.

Pre-school Jisoo was an addict..?

While Jisoo always has some or the other funny ace up her sleeve, nobody could have guessed what she revealed this time around- the K-pop icon was addicted to licking and eating newspaper and origami paper!

That’s right, pre-school Kim had a habit of consuming paper. But she found a way to kick this habit…by once tasting tissue paper!

“When I was in pre-school, I used to do origami, and I tasted the paper while doing it. But it tasted bad. So I went to my house and tasted a newspaper, and it tasted a little salty and delicious!”

Asked if she would just suck the paper or chew it, she hilariously confirmed she indeed ate it. What followed was the incident that helped her kick the habit.

“I quit because there was a tissue and I wanted to taste that too. I quit after I ate the tissue because it tasted terrible! In case of the tissue, it melts in the mouth right away; it’s texture is not so good so I quit it..”


BlackPink going strong

As always, BlackPink’s oldest member did not let us down with a single dull moment. She is an entertainer and entertain she did. The whole episode is full of Jisoo being Jisoo, giving us some hilarious and heartwarming moments.

She even went on to discuss certain rumors doing the rounds that the four members of BlackPink don’t get along. Safe to say, that is not the case after hearing the Snowdrop star say the following,

“I have this thought that when the 4 of us are together, there’s nothing we can’t do. If there are rumors we don’t get along, we just laugh about it. When that happens, we joke around saying, ‘Why didn’t you promote my thing? It’s caused these rumors we don’t get along.'”

Recently, Kim finally gave her fans across the globe what they’ve been yearning for for years…her solo debut!

Her EP ‘ME’ dropped recently to great receipt and reviews.

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