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All Stunning BlackPink Jennie Hairstyles Throughout the Years

BlackPink‘s powerful rapper Jennie recently posted a thread of photos on her Instagram sporting orange hair, and fans can’t keep calm. Jennie hairstyles have often been changing throughout the years, so her new hair comes as a surprise.

The rapper’s new look has fans wondering whether BLACKPINK is preparing for their new comeback, or does Jennie have her own solo project? But among the speculations of new projects, it is sure that this look would go on the list of Jennie’s iconic hair. Curious about all the Jennie hairstyles throughout the years? Here’s the list!

Jennie hairstyles before Blackpink


Jennie, before debuting, had a beautiful and trendy color combination. As seen in a clip from her audition in YG Entertainment, she had long, straight and thick hair, which was her signature look.

She mostly had black hair but highlighted the underside of her hair blonde, which was visible through the upper tresses, when she put her hair to one side (as seen in the video) or put up her hair.

2016 (DEBUT)

Jennie usually has straight hair and often experimented with color and highlights, but never with their style. But when BlackPink debuted, she went for a change and had crimped hair. Jennie’s hair became quite the topic, since it wasn’t only different from her style, but the way she carried it was majestic.

Honestly? She is one of the few people who can carry any hair, be it colored or styled or even unkempt hair. She would actually rock any concept with ease.

Jennie hairstyles since joining BlackPink


The year after their debut, Blackpink changed their hair to different colors and styles, and so did Jennie. She went back to her straight, glossy locks, but this time she chose brown, specifically warm-brown colors which made her look more mature and womanly. She even opted for a Milk Beige color for the band’s “AS IF IT’S YOUR LAST” music video.


In this year, she continued in the brown color tone, but went for a lighter shade combined with a little gray, which gave her more shine and ashy look. If her 2017 color was like dark chocolate, her 2018 color was a milk one, almost like melting chocolate. The color gave her persona an edge, giving it a fierce yet classy vibe.


This year gave the world an iconic Blackpink song, “KILL THIS LOVE” and the song captured eyes since its teaser. As all the other members went for their different colors and style, it came out as no surprise that rather than continuing the brown legacy, Jennie opted for a dazzling platinum blonde.

Even though it was a wig, Jennie looked like an angel on a revolution in the teaser, which made the BLINK fandom go haywire. The blonde look not only enhanced her features but also gave a much more sexy yet elegant tone to Jennie’s look.


This year was pretty big for both BLACKPINK and their fandom as they released a new full-fledged album, called “THE ALBUM.” This comeback was full of the girls’ various experiments with their hair.

In the title hit of their album “HOW YOU LIKE THAT,” Jennie gave the fans yet another surprise with her black and blonde highlights in her front hair. This is considered to be one of the most iconic looks of the rapper, and created a storm in the industry, where many people opted for this kind of hair color, even only the teaser had released.

After this wonderful change, Jennie then dyed her blonde highlights to pink, giving her a cute yet sexy look, almost like the cute emo girl. But what fans didn’t know was that this look was a hint of their upcoming hit collaboration with Selena Gomez.

In their cute summer collaboration titled “ICE CREAM,” Jennie went from little blonde highlights to almost blonde, with black underside highlights and the cutest, complete pink hair which matched to the tone of the peppy track.


Jennie released her solo in this year, going for an all net black hair and she looked absolutely ravishing in it.

Jennie hairstyles 2022
Image via Twitter/QTPieRuby

And now this year, we have the orange color on her. Is it a hint of a comeback? Would we have another album or track from the band? Or another solo from Jennie? The wait is absolutely torturous, but as it is said, “Patience is a virtue.”

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