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Who can speak English in BLACKPINK?

BLACKPINK is one of the biggest girl groups in the world, who are steadily maintaining their top position by not only smashing albums as a group but also through their solo projects. They have constantly left us and the world in awe of their beauty and talent. But one of the advantages they have possesses three English speakers, hence their network spans not only Korea but also the whole world. Thus, these English speakers make it easy to communicate on the behalf of their group:


blackpink jennie
Image Courtesy: Jennie’s Official Instagram account (@jennierubyjane)

Hailing from a rich, conglomerate family, Jennie studied in New Zealand for five years before debuting and hence is very fluent in English. This has helped her communicate better for herself and the group, not to mention, absolutely NAIL those rap verses. Sometimes, being the spokesperson of the group, her bilingual background has helped her and the group socialize better abroad.


blackpink rose
Image Courtesy: Rose’s Official Instagram account (@rosies_are_rosie)

While Jennie went to New Zealand for only five years to study, Rosé actually belongs from there. Being a Korean-Kiwi (not the fruit, people😂 A citizen of New Zealand is called a Kiwi), she has the same ability with the language as Jennie does, maybe even more. But her Korean is as wonderful as her English and paired with her beautiful vocals, she is one of the best representations of a perfect singer.


Image Courtesy: Lisa’s Official Instagram account (@lalalalisa_m)

Being a non-Korean, i.e., a Thai, her being bilingual, is natural. But she is not only fluent in Korean, Thai, and Chinese, but she also has a powerful grasp of the English language as her raps. Known for her fire-spitting rapping ability, she is probably the member who can speak the most languages.

Image Courtesy: Jisoo’s Official Instagram account (@sooyaa_)

Jisoo is the only member who is a full Korean and though her grip on the foreign language was a bit rusty, she is increasingly getting better. While having three members of the groups to support and guide her, that day is not far when the whole group would be impeccably fluent in the language. Maybe we could see her singing in English with her lilting voice when she releases her first solo album or the chance would be even more close it seems.

Currently, the group is busy with their “BORN PINK” promotions and fans are SO hyped to see what the group finally has to offer after the rounds of successful solo projects.

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