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Blackpink to join exclusive Beyoncé and Spice Girls group with amazing milestone

Blackpink is one of those rare bands that can go on a long hiatus and still manage to keep its charm and fanbase intact. Having been on hiatus since October of 2020 when they released Lovesick Girls, Blackpink is set to make its comeback with a bang.

‘Blackpink is Coming’ started trending across the globe right after Rolling Stone teased a project with the all female K-pop group which you can check out below.

The project the magazine is teasing is in all likelihood a magazine cover with all the ladies, Jisoo, Lisa, Jennie and ROSÉ. This magazine cover will also likely kick off the band’s new era. Not a bad way to start things up again after almost two years of agony for Blinks.

Blackpink is emulating greats like Beyoncé

With BP gracing the cover of the prestigious magazine soon, the K-pop band will also join an exclusive group that will make Blinks proud.

The K-pop band will only be the third girl group after Spice Girls in 1997 and Destiny’s Child in 2001 to grace the cover.

In other words, the group will be the first all female band to feature on the cover for over two decades!

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And even though BP needs no validation, this milestone does add more weight to claims that they are the biggest female band of this generation. After all, Spice Girls and Destiny’s Child had the same claim in their eras.

Moreover, these bands also spurred its members to go on to etch out highly successful solo careers too. For instance, Destiny’s Child was the first step in Beyoncé’s meteoric rise to global fame and recognition.

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After months of agony and patience, Blinks finally have reason to get hyped up. It may have been a long wait, but it will likely prove to be worth it from the looks of it.

And as Rolling Stone posted, “Blackpink have never needed anyone’s stamp of approval to find success.”

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